Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Great Big Thank You

A great big thank you to Debbie from for the Beautiful Blogger award!

I just started my blog just last week & Debbie has been very supportive.
In turn I am suppose to give this award to 15 other people, but many I would give an award to have already received them, but here goes:

I hope you all will visit these blogs if you don't already. They are great! I enjoy reading them and I think you will too.

Now I am supposed to list 7 things that you do not know about me so here goes:
1. I am from Southern California
2. My two favorite foods are Mexican & Italian
3. I love Sees chocolate hearts (available only around Valentines day)
4. I have 3 cats
5. My dream home would be a Craftsman style house.
6. I love Spring.
7. I am a night person and love staying up late.
Now you ladies are supposed to take your award & pass it on to 15 others.


  1. Thank you so much for the blog mention! I am so honored!

    Candace (Candy and Cake)

  2. Hi Pam !! Please forgive me for not stopping by sooner to THANK YOU for the thoughtful "shout out" ... that is just TOOOOO sweet of you !! And, clearly, I don't deserve it !! I've been so busy lately, that my blog addiction has suffered because of it. LOL. I'm off to catch up on your recent projects and, again, THANK YOU for mentioning my humble blog. Take care, Becca (Adv. in Decorating)


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