Monday, July 26, 2010

Thinking About a New Kitchen

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No, I 'm not thinking about changing our kitchen that we just installed beautiful new granite countertops and tumbled marble backsplash! I'm definitely not that crazy, but I am thinking about the future.
I am fully aware that in the current housing market that our house might not sell. And do you know what would be the one of the most disappointing things about that? ...
Not being able to re do a kitchen. Weird. Or another thing I think about after looking at a lot of homes for sale ... I would feel a little bad if, say, the kitchen in the house we bought looked new like this one in one of the homes we are keeping an eye on:
 It would be too new to justify remodeling.

I am secretly hoping (it's not a secret now) that the house we buy won't have a nice kitchen.     
ok... this kitchen might be a little too uh, un-nice.

But then again, look what they did with this kitchen from House Obsession:

    before:                                                              after:

I wouldn't feel bad fixing up this kitchen. (another house we are keeping track of). 
It  isn't bad, but it could look fabulous!

It looks a little bit like Kristen from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia's kitchen ....

before she did this to it:

Gorgeous, isn't it? You definitely have to read about how she and her husband transformed their now beautiful kitchen on a tight budget.

Here's more eye candy... I think I'm in love with white subway tile.
Coastal Living

ooooh, pretty ... more subway tile ...
Coastal Living

 ok. I know we are going to be downsizing and my kitchen won't be this big, but it's still gorgeous...
Coastal Living

Look at the beautiful ceiling in this kitchen ...
Coastal Living
Even a smaller kitchen could have some interesting details like that!

How many of you could live with open wall cabinets?I think I have too much stuff ...still, the kitchen is gorgeous!
Coastal Living

This photo doesn't show much of the kitchen, but the whole area is really cute.
Coastal Living
Do you have a dream kitchen? Even a dream of fixing up the kitchen you have now? What would it look like?

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!



  1. It would be fun to gut out a kitchen and redo it....but I can't justify that job either! I love how your kitchen turned out....and you shared great inspiration with us.

  2. I can so relate to your thoughts here. When we built our home (starting about 7 years ago) maple cabinets were all the rage. Now I wish I'd gone in another direction, but the cabinets are too nice to coat with paint and I'm not in a position to have them re-stained (and I'm definitely not tackling that project myself!)

    Hope you find the home of your dreams with a kitchen that you can put your own mark on.

  3. I absolutely love white kitchens!! They are my favorite!! I am thinking about paining mine white, we'll see if I can talk hubby into it!

  4. We bought a house in January and have discovered that the kitchen is not quite up to par so our plan is to rip it out in 3 years and do everything new. This was NOT the plan when we bought the house but it is now. The more I think about it the more excited I get! :) I hope your current home sells (we currently have 2 mortgages on 2 houses in 2 states due to the housing market bust) and you get to rip out a kitchen! lol Chris

  5. Thanks Pam!!! I do love your kitchen though :) have a wonderful day!

  6. I am drooling over the floors in the House Obsession picture!!! I would love to see what you did with any of those kitchens! You have a gift when it comes to that! Have you had any luck with your house so far?

  7. From time to time I wish I could paint the cabinets and redo the whole kitchen, but like you since it is new, I really can't justify that. A really big huge kitchen would be my dream, however we just downsized too, so not happening. I'm just grateful for what I have, but dreaming is fun. Hugs, Marty

  8. I so want to do my kitchen! I have stained cabinets & I really have the urge to paint them some sort of cream white or off white. I just haven't been able to pull the trigger!


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