Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stopped In To Say Hello...

Just thought I'd stop in and say hello. Sorry I haven't visited you this week--I've been busy  helping Mr. F. with our irrigation system, keeping the house presentable, going to our youngest daughter's Senior Breakfast, etc.

my new camera: Canon Powershot sd1300

I ordered a new digital point and shoot camera from Best Buy today during a break from working outside. Best Buy sent me a link which has some photography tips, which I definitely need. There are several short videos and I am going to watch them when I get a chance. I already learned something new watching the very first video. Here's the link:

time for me to get back to work... 



  1. Pam, let me know how you like the camera. I'm pretty sure that's the one I want.

  2. Sounds great Pam...can't wait to see the pics it takes. Hope the big project is going well too.

  3. That sounds great! I love my digital camera, It's a Sony Cybershot, 7.2 mega pixels, but I need to learn how to use it better. I had a friend who is a real pro tell me to study my owners manuel to find out what all is on my menu. She looked at the camera and said, wow, you've got alot of things you can do with this. So I got the owners guide out and it only told me what and where all the options are, but not how to use them. LOL! So I really need to google it and see if I can find who to use it better. Point is some of these digital are pretty darned good if you know how to use it!

  4. Oh Pam last week I was also in search oh a digital cam, finally I buy a Sonycybersho 12mp, results are great, hope this will work for my blog too... thanks for sharing that site, hope I will learn something too


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