Monday, February 27, 2017

Change Up Your Family Room With New Pillow Covers

Can you ever have enough pillows or pillow covers?

I don't think so, but maybe that's just me.
The biggest problem with buying pillows is that they take up too much space. 
The great thing about pillow covers is that they take up so little space when stored and they cost less to 
make (or buy) than if you buy a whole new pillow. For less $60 if you make pillow covers or $60-$100 if you purchase them, you can give your Family room a whole new look.

I probably have a couple/three dozen pillows and just change out the covers seasonally. 
In January, I ordered 3 different blue fabrics and some zippers from and made 8 pillow covers 
for the Family Room. I found the faux Mongolian fur pillow from

Blue is both classic and trendy and looks great on a white, tan or grey sofa.

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When the next season or holiday comes up, it's easy to change out the pillow covers for something else. 

Couldn't help rearranging the pillows...

Sewing a pillow cover is pretty easy and doesn't take much time.  If you don't sew, pillow covers are available online at Amazon, Etsy or your favorite store. I've included a few cute pillow covers that are available on Amazon. Most of these are 18" pillow covers, one is 24" and one is 20", so make sure you have the right size pillow/inner cushion to put them over if you order any.

As you can see from the pricing, pillow covers aren't too expensive and you can get a lot of them for $60 to $100. They also won't take up much space once you need to store them. 

What's your favorite way to change up your Family Room?


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Monday, February 20, 2017

How We Store Our Stuff (Now)

How To Store Your Stuff is my number one post that is shared everywhere. It shows our storage room in the basement of our last home. A basement is great for storage and that house had no lack of it. Mr. DIY built 2 of these super easy and relatively inexpensive with OSB and 2 x 4s. You can find that post HERE.

Even though we sold, gave away and tossed a LOT of things that were in the basement of our last house, we still had a lot of storage, so our new house had to have space for it. We either needed a ranch house with a basement or we needed a very large storage shed with AC. Neither of which are easy to find in our area.

After months of looking for homes on the internet, I found our  house (to be) online and this photo was included. Not a basement, but a high crawl. We could possible work with this. The problem with a crawl space in the very humid South is that the humidity is high and  things stored in it would have a musty smell. Not good.

So we called a lot of different companies who did crawl space encapsulation. With encapsulation, the space is sealed with a thick plastic, a dehumidifier and a sump pump are installed to keep the humidity level down around 55%. Encapsulation isn't cheap, but it's a lot less expensive that a house with a basement. 
Before the encapsulation was done, Mr. DIY rented a machine and dug out a few inches of dirt where the storage would go so that the beams above would be about 6 ft and the "floor" somewhat level. Thank goodness we're short! Mr. DIY had to make a new door for the crawl space to seal off the space. 
The crawl space door doesn't look very tall, but it's 53 1/2" high and  44 1/2" wide. We still have to bend down a bit to get in, because we aren't THAT short, but once we get inside, we can stand up.(because there's a big header above the door, which holds up the ceiling/floor joists).

After the space was encapsulated, Mr. DIY started building shelves. The floor is uneven, so he decided on single, level shelf which would be sufficient and our storage bins would be stacked 3 high.

He also laid some interlocking OSB on the floor to make it easier to walk on than the uneven dirt underneath the plastic. We're still not all the way organized, but our crawl space holds everything we need. We also keep the lawn mower and landscape tools and supplies, which we kept in our large 3 car garage at our last house. We are so happy to have the space in the crawl for our landscape tools and supplies because the garage at this house is a small 2 car garage and those things wouldn't fit in there.

This area is the tallest section of the crawl space and Mr. DIY has claimed it for his own. He plans on building a workbench and putting up some wall shelves.

 As you can see we still need to do some work in here. The gardening items on the right need to be organized a bit and the table saw stand will be moved to the area shown above.

This house also has a very large attic, but it's not that easy to get into, plus it gets pretty hot in the attic in the summer, so that limits what we can put up there. 

That's how we store our stuff now. 

How do you store your stuff?


PS: if you'd like to see how we've organized our garage, you can see it HERE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Table For Two

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

I get nostalgic around Valentine's Day and remember little things we did to make it special for our girls when they were little. I always made a heart shaped meatloaf with a red pasta sauce on top.
Simple and tasty- a winning combination for busy moms.
Of course there's always lots of red, flowers and hearts in the Foyer and on the table.
This year is no different, but the table is only set for two.

The chest in the Foyer is topped off with a Valentine's vignette. It's always fun to get out the Vintage Valentine Hearts. This year I added the wedding photos of the newly married group that graduated last year. The heart shaped candy dish was a gift from my sister and brother in law.

As for Valentine's Day tablescape, we've always had dinner in the breakfast  room. It's a little more cozy than the formal dining room. 

I told you there's lots of red!

Nothing fancy...

Now that are girls are grown, Mr DIY gives them a bouquet of flowers.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day that you remember?

 I do. It involves some Kissy Bears, a Barber Shop quartet and a few tears... You can read about it HERE.
Would love to hear about yours!