Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fortune Cookie Valentines

Here's a creative  and fun Valentine I made last year.
(Can't take credit for the this creative idea, though)

Fortune Cookie Valentines

You can put them in any number of containers, but I put them in Chinese takeout boxes.

You can get the Chinese boxes and the paper at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

The messages on the fortunes inside can be personalized depending on who you give it to.
 I originally found out how to make these Valentines at Make Merry Events, but alas, the page doesn't exist any longer. 
I found another website, though, that shows you how to make them. We Heart It
Hope you have as much fun making & giving these as I did!



  1. What a great idea. Those are awesome!I might have to do this.

  2. Hi, Pam, such a sweet & pretty idea for your favorite Valentines! It
    reminds me... Valentine will be here so soon, the way times seems to fly by. It's really time to get prepared.

    Enjoy the new year!

  3. These are wonderful, my grands would love this! Thanks for sharing.
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Cute, cute! So glad you reposted!

  5. I remember these, they were adorable. I think you made them for a copy cat challenge if my memory serves me correct:)


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