Saturday, July 23, 2016

Professional Home Tour

Since we're still neck deep in boxes at the new Casa Fanatic, I'd share the photos photographer Brian Stogner took for the MLS photos and the  brochure for our home. If you go all the way to the end, the beautiful video of our previous home can be found.
It's amazing how great a home can look with a professional photographer who knows just the right angle to take to show off the best features of a space..

Enjoy one last tour...

Main Floor...


Down to the basement...

Ah, would love to have this one space now!

Beautiful, but I have no more yardwork! (very little)

Here's the beautiful video by photographer Brian Stogner...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. That is one gorgeous home you had. Good luck in your new house and I'm sure you will make it look just as beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mary! I keep reminding myself that it took 16 years to make it look that good - When we first moved in, the backyard was a jungle with vines in the trees that had to be pulled out by a minivan and the walls were all primer white.

  2. What a nice way to remember your home looking its very best!

  3. Loved seeing your home again in these beautiful pics and the great video..loved the background must be so very bittersweet for you!!


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