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Friday, October 23, 2020

Fall Mantel 2020

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We've had a lovely Fall in the Carolinas. The weather cooled off quickly at the beginning of September.  The uncomfortable humidity that plagues the South during the summer disappeared and cool nights returned. It even was cool enough to turn the fireplace on one night.

So wonderful.

We also turned the heat on a couple of weeks ago, both at our mountain cottage and at the home we live in. 

The weather has turned a bit warmer, without the humidity... being from southern California, I call it "California weather"....temps in the 70s-80 degrees, with low humidity... The best weather of the year  along with  early Spring. We'll be enjoying this open your doors and windows weather until next Thursday...

 then it's suppose to turn cooler into the 60s and it will be time to break out the extra blankets and throws and cuddle up.

This week Mr. DIY brought up a few Fall decorations and I set them out on the mantel . 

The Autumn banner will be out until the weather turns cool next week and the fireplace will once again be warming us on cooler evening.

Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

Fall means breaking out seasonal pillows...
Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

...and of course, little white pumpkins and a colorful Fall garland.
Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful


Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

We'll be heading up to our mountain cottage in a few days. The landscape was turning, but peak colors hadn't reached our elevation, and I hope they will when we are up there. You just never know.

Fall mantel, pumpkins, Fall Fireplace, Thankful

Hope you're having a beautiful Fall . We definitely need it this year.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Happy Fall 2020

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Happy Fall Everyone!

I think we're going to have normal Fall weather  here in the Carolinas this year (crossing fingers).

The heat and humidity turned off a few weeks ago and now we're enjoying warm sunshine with cool breezes.

Cooler weather makes for gorgeous Fall colors. I'm hoping to see the trees at our mountain cottage turning  vibrant oranges, reds and yellows. This photo was taken a few months after we bought our cozy cottage in early Fall of 2013. 

Every year since then, I have been chasing this photo, but the colors have never rivaled the ones in this pic. One year kids were wearing short sleeves on Halloween. Another year we had very little rain. Heat and lack of rain aren't the ingredients needed for spectacular Fall colors.

The copious amounts of rain we've had in 2020 and the weather cooling off on time at the end of August, should produce fabulous Fall colors. 


Then, of course, we have to be at our mountain house when peak color hits. 

You can see more beautiful photos from that Fall HERE.


Some Fall porches have been my favorite. The one shown below was one of those, but as I recall, I was sweating as I was decorating it for Fall. You can read about it HERE

My favorite Fall porch at our previous house was this one filled with mums lining the steps. You can find more photos of this porch HERE.

The Screened Porch at the house we live in is the perfect place to spread a little Fall. This space is a great place to sit and relax or eat a dinner when the weather is nice. You can seen more of our Fall Screened Porch HERE

A simple Fall craft with supplies you might already have around the house is a good way to decorate without having to spend any money, especially if money is tight this year.  You can see that post HERE.

Setting a pretty Fall table is also a festive way to refresh the house for the Autumn season. Gather things you already have around the house, and if you have kids, let them decorate the table every day. You can find more pics of this tablescape HERE.

Last, but not least, if you have a fireplace mantel, break out your Fall decor and celebrate the season! You can see more of this mantel HERE.
You can find the post on how I made the simple Autumn Banner HERE

I hope 2020 has beautiful Fall colors and weather in store for all of us...as we definitely would appreciate it with all that is going on around the world and in our country right now. 

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