Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guest Bedroom Reveal

I've been working on the transforming our Guest Bedroom for MONTHS!
It seems like forever.

Our guest bedroom worked for us, but I wanted to lighten and freshen up the decor just a bit since we're getting our house ready to sell and it's the first bedroom you see when you come up the stairs.
I also wanted to spend as little money as possible, which is always a challenge. 

I'm excited to share it with you today, especially because this little makeover cost us: zero, zip, nada. I even made a few dollars on the makeover
More on that later...

Here's how our Guest Bedroom looked before: The black curtains, furniture & accessories made the whole room look dark and smaller than it is. I also didn't like the red accents.

We inherited this beautiful dresser from Mr. DIY's  mother and I thought it would look perfect in the room, so we put all of the black furniture up on Craigslist. We actually made money on the furniture, which paid for the matellase cover, pillows and curtains.

I love the detail of the ornate dresser.

I showed you how I repurposed the old artwork last time. You can see how I did that HERE if you missed it.

I didn't want to spend money on a new lamp, so I repainted the lamp with gold spray paint. I pulled an extra little table that was in our sitting room downstairs. 

I painted the black frames above the bed with white semi-gloss paint and then applied a medium stain and wiped it off.

I found the two floral pillows and the rectangular gold pillow online at TJ, and found the curtains online at

Again, here's the Before:

Here's the After:

So here's the breakdown:
Purchased the Black Furniture       for $275  (used it for at least 10 years)
Sold  Black Furniture on Craigslist for $360
                                              Net gain $  85

Matellasse quilt (HomeGoods)                  0 -- Used giftcard from credit card points
3 pillows  (TJ Maxx)                                   0 -- Used giftcard from credit card points
curtains from Target                            38.43 
Cream throw (overstock)                     26.99
can of Valspar gold paint                       6.58
Craft paint for artwork                                 0 -- Used giftcard
                                                             72.00 -- Cost for purchases
                                                                  13 -- net gain

I like this kind of makeover!
I wish all of my makeovers made me a little money!


ps. Mr. DIY and I don't pay a yearly fee for our credit card that pays us points. We also don't pay any interest since we don't carry a balance. This makes any money or gift cards we receive from our credit card points truly free. 


  1. Look at you! Making money on the makeover! Very clever! It all looks great!

  2. Wow that is awesome! You sold the extra furniture which lightens up your load, lightened up the room and made money while doing it! I'm slowly working into creating a 2nd guest bedroom. Still pondering my ideas.

  3. You made money...and your guest room looks great! Win-win! ;)

  4. Love how it turned out! I wish all the makeovers were cheap like that too!! We're the same way with our credit card. We use it for everything that we can since we get cash back & I let it build up & then cash it in when the Christmas bill comes. Hope you're feeling good.

  5. The room looks fresh and bright, Pam. Good job!

  6. Looks great, guess I need to come back for another visit, to use the new guestroom.

    1. Come back before next Spring or Summer; we're hoping to have the house up for sale by then.


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