Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

We're still plugging along doing little projects to get the house ready for sale. We're resigned to the fact that it's going to take us most likely until next Spring; which is ok with us.
This weekend, we're working on prepping the boards to install a planked ceiling at the kitchen at the mountain cottage, but in between coats of primer and paint, Mr. DIY did a little project for me.

Our oldest daughter's former room looks is ready to go, but there's a coat/hat rack that I really didn't want to leave with the house, since it would cost a bit to replace and because I like it.

The main board is a large drawer front left over from when I was a kitchen designer and the hooks were $7 a piece. 
I couldn't just take it down when we left because it would leave 2 big holes in the wall, so  I thought we could make a new coat rack for a lot less $$ that I wouldn't mind leaving behind when we do finally move.

Mr. DIY brought home a reclaimed board from the Mountain Cottage the last time he was there.  I sanded the board, cleaned it up and then sprayed it with a couple of layers of polyurethane.
We used a similar looking board for the apron rack we made for the Vintage Style Pantry at the Mountain Cottage last year. 

We found four simple hooks at Lowes. 

Here's the finished project.

(The bottom of the board is actually level...I checked)
Not bad for less than $16

Hope you're having a great day.



  1. That turned out great! I figured you were going to say it was being made for the cabin. The drawer front one is a great design too! My daughter is going to need something like this for her new home. I'll have to show her this post.
    I wondered if you were going to still list the house this year. It's a lot of work for you especially with you still working through the health issues from the lyme's disease.

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