Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Office / Craft Room Reveal

Well, I didn't make any money on our office / craft room makeover like I did with our Guest Room Makeover, but we didn't spend too much money making updating it. If you missed that makeover, you can find it HERE .

We painted our office back in May. I waited  to show you the reveal because I hadn't found any drapery panels that I liked. I ordered some from Target when I found the Guest Room curtains, but, I didn't really like them.

I was at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago and found a couple that were perfect and Mr. DIY installed a new curtain rod for me. I also found a new bulletin board at HomeGoods on the same trip that I found the curtains. 

But, lets start at the Before:
Here's how the room looked Before.  The dated colors had to go. We took down the shelves and took out the work table under the tv so that the room would look better when we finally put the house up for sale. We also didn't need that work table anymore as our girls are grown and don't have to sit there and do homework.

Here's the room looking back towards the other side of the room . Mr. DIY replaced the basic builder lights earlier this year. You can see that post HERE.

We took the dated window valance down, but the window looked so plain. 

And finally... The After:
The curtains are the same fabric (but a little darker) as the basket liners I made for the laundry room. 

Looking back towards the other side of the room...

If you noticed, the worktable is gone... it used to be on the right knee wall where the dress form is. 

Kitty is our daughter's cat and loves to follow us around the house wherever we go. 

I brought these glass containers up from the basement. I might fill the two empty ones with crayons and markers. 

This was one of my projects way back when I was in College. I can't remember if I drew it at LMU, LBCC, FIDM or OCC. (I really loved going to school back then).  It was a freehand copy of an ad in a magazine. 

Above Mr. DIY's desk is a painting our oldest painted for a Father's day gift. The colors are perfect for the new paint.

If you remember, the painted clock got an update awhile back. I'm glad I reused it. You can find that project HERE.

Again, here's the Before:

And, the After:

We still have some clearing out and organizing in the room to do. We have a large attic space and a closet that needs some organizing and the black rectangular planter box holding all my pens, markers and scissors needs to be painted a lighter color. It's always something!

So here's what we spent:
Paint:                 84.21  It's Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist mixed by  Sherwin Williams
Curtains:           29.99   HomeGoods   
Curtain rods:      7.97   Ikea Betydlig and Hugad
Bulletin Board: 19.99  HomeGoods
Total:              142.16

I didn't count the new lights as we purchased the shades (at HomeGoods) several years ago - I think for $14.99 each and the found the cords at Ikea for $4.99 each. 
If you count the lights, the room makeover was $182.12.

Not bad for less than $200.
Off to the next project...

What are you working on at your house?




  1. Love it Pam! It turned out fantastic. Love all the decor and accessories. I think you did very well for the money. It's been bad for me since Home Goods is only 5 minutes away:)

  2. Love the new paint color and all the changes you made. That's a nice big work surface for crafting or sewing. looks like a nice getaway spot too! The new curtains are perfect and do look better than the valance. Love the prices at Home Goods for the curtains. I didn't know you were a talented artist!

  3. Such a beautiful room to work in Pam!...and knowing that you spent little money to create such wonderful makeover is truly a bonus!..

  4. What a great redo and yes, it looks so updated. And, thank you for showing us the exact same view of before/after! So often, people don't show the exact same view and it's hard to get all the details!!! Have a nice weekend; hope you're feeling better. It does sound as if you've been able to be up and about a little more?

  5. Such a beautiful room! The new curtains are perfect and do look better than the valance.


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