Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Organizing Begins- Master Linen Closet

We've been in our new house 2 whole weeks now and Mr. DIY and I have been busy! I've been busy with unpacking the 150 to 200 boxes of things that arrived 2 Saturdays ago. Mr. DIY has been busy adding more shelves everywhere!(our basement storage, garage storage and some miscellaneous furniture, porch furniture is still in a trailer at Zippy Shell)

While we have quite a few closets, the shelving is minimal and it's ALL wire :( .
In both linen closets, there were only 4 wire shelves in that big closet.

I couldn't get all my things on it because even though this linen closet was only a couple of inches narrower than our last house, I needed another shelf or 2, so Mr. DIY got busy and installed some adjustable shelving.

He went to our neighborhood Lowes Home Improvement (the same one we've always gone to, but now we're only 3 minutes away instead of 8) and picked up some brackets and standards. These are the same brackets and standards we used for our ever so popular baskets in the old Master Closet. You can see them HERE.

These didn't take away the useable space from the sides, which I desperately needed because this linen closet is a bit narrower than the last one and I wanted to use the same baskets and configuration. Still need to fill some holes, but that can be done after the unpacking is finished.

Isn't it purdy? I even have 1 more shelf than I did before!

Here it is all put back together.

The linen closet is even deep enough to keep a stool handy for that top shelf.

I still have a shelf to fill!

 This house doesn't have a medicine cabinet, so I ordered these metal drawer inserts on Amazon  and Mr. DIY just screwed them to the wall.

Love that extra space!

If you'd like to compare the linen closet in our old house, you can find it HERE.

3 more closets and a pantry (3 feet less than the old house) to go! 
Next time, I'll show you a very bare home tour of the new place.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Professional Home Tour

Since we're still neck deep in boxes at the new Casa Fanatic, I'd share the photos photographer Brian Stogner took for the MLS photos and the  brochure for our home. If you go all the way to the end, the beautiful video of our previous home can be found.
It's amazing how great a home can look with a professional photographer who knows just the right angle to take to show off the best features of a space..

Enjoy one last tour...

Main Floor...


Down to the basement...

Ah, would love to have this one space now!

Beautiful, but I have no more yardwork! (very little)

Here's the beautiful video by photographer Brian Stogner...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!