Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Table For Two

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

I get nostalgic around Valentine's Day and remember little things we did to make it special for our girls when they were little. I always made a heart shaped meatloaf with a red pasta sauce on top.
Simple and tasty- a winning combination for busy moms.
Of course there's always lots of red, flowers and hearts in the Foyer and on the table.
This year is no different, but the table is only set for two.

The chest in the Foyer is topped off with a Valentine's vignette. It's always fun to get out the Vintage Valentine Hearts. This year I added the wedding photos of the newly married group that graduated last year. The heart shaped candy dish was a gift from my sister and brother in law.

As for Valentine's Day tablescape, we've always had dinner in the breakfast  room. It's a little more cozy than the formal dining room. 

I told you there's lots of red!

Nothing fancy...

Now that are girls are grown, Mr DIY gives them a bouquet of flowers.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day that you remember?

 I do. It involves some Kissy Bears, a Barber Shop quartet and a few tears... You can read about it HERE.
Would love to hear about yours!



  1. Your breakfast room table looks so cute for Valentine's Day! Love that vintage tablecloth and the red checked pillows! The roses are gorgeous. I always did something for Valentine's Day with the kids to make it special. We often got pizza and had chocolate brownies for desert with ice cream.
    Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day Pam!

  2. Love the table Pam...I am hearting that tablecloth!...I love that you have a countdown to Spring...such a great countdown!...A countdown to seeing beautiful blooms of flowers and flowering trees rather than a countdown that sometimes causes stress!


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