Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Garden II

Thought I'd post more of my garden photos. This photo was taken several years ago( end of May?)  after we spread mulch in the bed & chips on the garden path. I really should dig out what our yard looked like when we moved in 10 years ago. There were vines that you could swing on & lots of weedy vines! We did all of the work ourselves and took a section of the yard at a time.
Notice how much light shows through the trees.

This photo was taken last year, but I think in in April. Last year I spent 2 months reworking the beds & took out one path.

The patio was installed by my husband several years ago. We love to sit out on it & have a fire in our new firepit. I will have to take a new photo with it. My cat Buddy loves to be in photos.

I love this Japanese Maple. We found it at Lowes several years ago for a great price.

I took this photo from the patio outside our basement just as the trees were blooming. This is what our backyard looks like currently.

This is the view from our deck. It shows about 1/3 of the width of the yard.

This is the view from the patio looking across the yard.

The little blue playhouse was mine when I was 5 years old. We brought it all the way from California to North Carolina. The path continues down about 75 feet to the creek.

This shows the North side of our house. The camelia bushes just past the chimney are blooming now.
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I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Enjoy your time with family.
    Your garden is lovely.
    Great path through the trees!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  2. Pam, you have such a beautifully landscaped yard. Just want to let you know a couple of pictures did not post. I had this same problem one time when I posted pics that I had saved in my email. My daughter told me I had to move them to a file and then post them. They showed up on my post, but not out in blogland.

  3. WOW!! This is beautiful!
    You are very fortunate to have all this SPACE!
    Love the Japanese maple, but I don't think it grows in my zone (10) too hot. Looks wonderful with the brick of your home.

    :D Lynda

  4. Your outdoor area always impresses me, you do such a great job!~ It is gorgeous and looks so well maintained too!

  5. Gorgeous is all I can say!!!! How do you keep the mulch and pine straw separated and the lines so perfect?? Everything here is still a wreck after all the storms and snow. Maybe in a couple months it will be decent!!

  6. The Japanese Maple is so elegant looking. I really want to plant one this spring.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  7. That is so cool that your brought your playhouse with you when you moved to NC. You have a beautiful yard. I love the Japanese Maple.

    ~ Tracy

  8. Oh, wow....I am so jealous. Your yard is perfect- serene, beautiful and just PERFECT!

  9. The yard is GORGEOUS!! I love the path & seating area & how it's surrounded by trees!

  10. Wow, how lucky are you! Your yard is amazing! Love the paths and the sitting areas and the trees, well I love everything! Enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi, first visit here. I'm green with envy-no pun intended. When we built our home the builder did no landscaping in the backyard besides seeding. I soooo miss my former yard with it's mature trees and beautiful gardens. You yard is just gorgeous, it has a park like feel to it.

  12. What a pretty outdoor space. You have created something really beautiful. Love the fire pit. We have that project on our list of things to do some day.

  13. I am sick with envy! I miss the Carolina's SO much! That is the most beautiful yard I have EVER seen. I am definitely showing this off ( and especially showing it to my landscape architect husband, he will LOVE it!)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  14. Wow. This is absolutely amazing. I love it!

  15. What a sanctuary! I could curl up in that little chair and just make myself at home! Beautiful!

  16. What gorgeous photos! I love it all! You've done a great job.

  17. Your garden is beautiful and so is your blog. So glad I found it! -Your newest follower

  18. This gives me some great ideas for our yard (where we just removed 2 truck fulls worth of english ivy!) Thanks for sharing.


  19. This is a gorgeous backyard. What great design. I love it and your blog. I'm now a follower!

  20. I just found your blog, it's great, and your garden area is beautiful! I can't believe you would want to leave such a beautiful place!

  21. Love your landscaping....I am so ready to work in my yard.

  22. Your landscape is gorgeous! I'm so ready to see the green in my landscape again. There is something so soothing about a well manicured landscape. Great job!

  23. I love your yard! I really want a space like that.. I am from NC also. Goregeous blog.

  24. You have such a professional looking landscape! You did a super job!

    I would love to sit in those shady areas - I'm in the blazing South Florida Summer heat so shade like that looks yummy!

    Am visiting from the hop and am Your Newest Follower!

    Thanks for sharing!

    beachside cottage

  25. Sooo beautiful and looks so professionally done. I love the patio area where you mentioned the firepit. The flowers are so pretty...lovely yard/garden! Buddy is so cute! :)

  26. I found you at the Garden Link Party (CG)

    I LOVE your garden! It looks SO peachful and SO private. Exactly my idea of a tranquil space.

    Great job!

    I'm off to see more of your blog! :-)

  27. This is absolutely gorgeous! I know a little some thing about spreading mulch. Wow, that's a lot! Your garden is so serene! It just seems to say, "sit and stay a while"!

  28. I absolutely love this! Our side yard was wooded with vines and underbrush. We cleared it out years ago but have done nothing else with it except cut the grass. I have always wanted to do something like this but ours also has a slight slop to it and went it rains I'm afraid it will the mulch, etc. away!

  29. Just ran across your garden post. It's absolutely wonderful!!!!


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