Friday, April 2, 2010

Art Show Tour

The school that my daughters attend had their annual Art Show last week. I always love going and am amazed at what the kids create.

 This project was done by  a first grader. I love the colors!

2nd Grade Projects

Wouldn't you just love to have one of these hanging on your wall?

these bird houses are so cute!
5th Grade Projects
I have one of these in my office. I love it's quirkiness!

I found this interesting

An 8th Grader did this. Very nice!

All of the rest are projects created by high school students.

More cute birdhouses

Ceramic, glass & stained glass

 Projects done with markers

Various media

Stained glass moon
More beautiful ceramic projects.

This last one was ceramic too.

There were rows & rows of beautiful creative projects that took up two thirds of the gymnasium. It was pretty amazing. 

Thanks for taking the Art Show tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

 I am off to California Sunday morning with my girls to visit family & friends. Mr. Fanatic is staying home. I am hoping to post (some) while I am there, but since I am staying with my dad and he doesn't have an internet connection, I'm not sure how ... unless I go to a wifi hotspot. 
I wish everyone a Happy Easter!!!



  1. There are definitely some very talented students out there. That artwork is amazing. I think when I was in first grade I could barely do stick figures much less beautiful art like you showed us. Each grade level had some fantastic looking art. Thanks for sharing these. Love the little birdhouses.

  2. Have a wonderful safe trip Pam!~ I love too to enjoy the kids art work at school. I still save so much of what my boys do. There is some talent out there with these kids for sure!

  3. aw wow, there's some great stuff in this post! Really makes me miss art classes, elementary - high school. I love drawing and painting, but unless someone gives me an assignment, i cant muster up the motivation.
    Great post!

  4. Sometimes kids stuff is fantastic... especially when they're really little. Loving your blog! Will be following. :) Erica


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