Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vintage Valentine Hearts

Pardon me while I get sentimental...
 When I was a little girl, way back in the 1960's, my grandmother would make me beautiful dresses. 
She had the talent to see a dress in a store window and make a pattern out of a paper grocery bag, then make the dress from some fabric she had on hand. Fortunately for me I inherited that same gene. Wish I had inherited her fabulous cooking gene too, as she used to put on fabulous multi-course Holiday dinners that everyone raved about. Ah, but I digress...

 When I was 8 years old, she made me a dress from some red and white, sort of plaidish fabric and saved the leftover yardage. Living through the Great Depression, my grandmother saved everything.  
Last year, when I was in a creative mood, I came across the vintage fabric and decided to make these hearts.

It is only fitting that I made the little red hearts from leftover fabric from a dress my grandmother made me when I was 8 years old.  I always loved the dresses she made for me, they always seemed to be my style and color. Here I am sitting on the piano bench (next to my brother) wearing the dress. .

I made several of the red and white hearts last year and gave one to each of my girls on Valentine's day.

I love decorating the bare branches with the vintage Valentine hearts and think of those special dresses that my grandmother made me every time I walk by them.

What special memories do you have of Valentine's Day?

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  1. Those are very sweet Pam, and I love the sentiment!

  2. How sweet they are. My aunt how raised me until I was six and made all my clothes. I have none of my dresses though. I cannot remember any Valentines memories but I remember my sweet dresses my aunt made.

  3. How sweet that you saved the fabric, Pam! These are just darling and look so cute on the branches. What a little doll you were! :)


  4. What an awesome way to bring that fabric back to life, and remind you of your sweet Grandma! I hope your girls are enjoying them too.
    And how neat that you have that photo in the it!!

  5. Oh what a great fabric and such a special and precious memory. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a loving tribute to your grandma and her talent for sewing. Those hearts are to sweet hanging on the tree. My mom use to do the same thing looking at a picture, or a dress in the store then go home and make her own pattern out of a brown paper bag. Sadly, not a stitch of her sewing talent rubbed off on me. But, her crafting and decorating talents did. Thank you for sharing. Humble Abode

  7. What a sweet way to honor your memories of your cute. And great way to share the memories with your girls. My grandma made me dresses too...I'd love to have a piece of fabric from any of them.

    Oh and cute picture of you and your brother!

  8. What a touching post!!!! I lost both of my parents within the last five years and have some of their treasures. It really makes me feel connected to them even though they're in a better place.

  9. What beautiful hearts, Pam! And, I agree ... so special of you to honor your grandmother in such a sweet way! I love how you hung them on the branches.

  10. That is very sweet Pam..and love the picture of you and your brother!
    Valentines was always a big deal in our house: my Mother loved it. None of us ever liked Halloween...but Valentines suited us all!

  11. This is so sweet and sentimental! I love the photo too!

  12. What sweet memories! I was forever going through my grammas fabric scraps. They told such stories :)

  13. This is so precious. My mother made me a lot of pretty dresses when I was little. I have never thought of doing something like this. I love the idea that the dress will live on as something else. I took my grandmother's old piano sheet music and mod podged it on a frame and put a picture of she and my daughter at her piano in the frame. There are so many ways to remember loved ones. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt idea. I'm a new follower. Angie

  14. So charming! I love the fabric. What a unique way to share that memory of your grandmother with your family.

  15. Pam,

    These are so cute! I love the fabric....especially against the blue!


  16. love them Pam, these are beautiful hearts... x


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