Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Vintage Style Pantry - The Mountain Cottage Reno

Mr. DIY and I were all set to start on the kitchen at the mountain cottage, but realized that we needed an area to set up a temporary kitchen and kitchen storage during the kitchen reno. Since the entrance/laundry room had a sink, we would use it to set up a makeshift kitchen, but there really wasn't an area for storage.

Then I realized that we could use an under utilized closet in between the kitchen and the living room for a pantry. The closet was the perfect place to add more storage, since the kitchen is pretty small and won't have very many cabinets. If you look at the layout of the mountain cottage, the closet should be the coat closet just inside the entry door, but since the house was built with the back of the house near the driveway, this closet isn't where you enter, but on the other side of the house and doesn't really make sense to use it as a coat closet. 

Anyway... Here's how the closet looked before... definitely a big waste of space...

First thing we did was remove the doors and take everything out. Instead of making the pantry the whole width of the space, I thought it would be great to have a removeable kitchen cart to add a little more workspace should we need it. 

Since we will eventually be installing pine flooring throughout the house, Mr. DIY installed some pine boards and started working on the cabinet on the right. 

Once he finished the cabinet, I got to work finishing it. 

While I was painting and staining the right size cabinet, Mr. DIY built a beautiful rolling cart. He made a custom sized cart that fit perfectly on the left side of the pantry. 

I started painting the slat shelves with a paintbrush, but it just didn't look smooth enough. I sanded them down a bit and painted several coats with my HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer. The spray painted finish looked so much better. The shelves were painted white and the legs were painted Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist and the top was stained using a blend of  MinWax Provincial and Rustoleum Driftwood, finished with a coat of poly. 

Mr. DIY built more shelves above where the cart would go. Then we found a piece of old wood outside at the mountain cottage and thought it would be perfect for  an apron rack. I used a spray poly to finish the wood, but no staining was necessary. 

We added oil rubbed bronze hooks.

Beadboard was added to the back wall before the cabinets were installed. I'm not sure if you can tell, but the panels and legs on the cart are painted Balboa Mist and the beadboard and shelves are painted white. 

The  baskets on the left hold kitchen towels. The cabinet on the right is the perfect place for a coffee/tea station. Mr. DIY even installed an outlet to accommodate a coffee maker. 

I found the baskets at Ikea. 

We both love how it turned out!

Here's the kitchen cart pulled out a little bit...

...and the pantry with the kitchen cart all the way out.

Once again, here's how the closet looked  BEFORE:

...and after: 
organized pantry, beautiful pantry, coffee station, kitchen cart

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new Vintage Style Pantry. 
Now, on to the kitchen reno!


To see the post on the  inspiration and how we designed the Vintage Style Pantry, click HERE


  1. Amazing! You two are teamed well! Perfect use of the space. Can't wait to see what you've come up with for the kitchen!

  2. That is so charming and so amazing! I love how it turned out Pam. Happy New Year. The kitchen re-do ought to be fun!

  3. Your Mr. DIY is amazing ... what a transformation and such a great idea to make one of the shelving components a rolling cart....Your pantry is fabulous!!

  4. Hi there! Just found your blog. I was wondering if you'd like to share your post at my organizing linkup! I love how your project turned out. I wish we had a closet that big. Our pantry is rather narrow and goes back deep. The post is open for entries stop by anytime!

  5. I love the vintage style pantry! Great idea on the removable cart too! Found you on Wow Us Wednesday.

  6. What a FABULOUS use of space & creative talent! The design & finished project are wonderful, & Mr DIY's skill as a craftsman,as well as a chef is beyond amazing ;-) You two are such a dynamic duo!

  7. Great job you guys! As usual! I love a walk in pantry!!

  8. Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Is there anything y'all can't do?? I have so many projects I want to do but it will cost a small fortune because we can hardly do anything ourselves!

  10. How fabulous is this. you two are totally amazing with your designs and ability to carry them out. I love this. Your little mountain cabin is going to be the cutest place ever. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  11. Turned out fabulous Pam! Love watching your transform everything.

  12. Congratulations of being featured over at Marty's blog party a "A Stroll Thru Life"! Your ingenuity and creativity are just amazing is making this area more functional. Where does that little brown door in the back go to?

  13. Totally clever idea! Love how it turned out and great use of wasted space. I wondered same thing... where does the little brown door in back go to??

    1. Hope you see this gadawn57, as you didn't leave an email. We closed off the door as it was just a very small space under the stairs. We may access it from another room in the future.

  14. Great job! It looks really convenient! Few racks make so much difference! Thanks for the post!

  15. Everything is much more organized! Nice solution! Thumbs up!

  16. Such a practical idea, I hope I will have one like this soon! Thanks for sharing!

  17. It looks fantastic Pam! I absolutely love what you and your hubby have done to your cottage thus far. What a cozy place to call home away from home. Happy New year! xo

  18. Vintage is the trending concept right now for interior design. Some homeowners prefer to furnish their home with simple decoratives from the vintage collection, while others are more keen on changing their paint job or even bigger items like doors, windows and such. For me, I would add a few vintage pieces here and there like storage containers or collectibles to create a statement rather than change the whole house.


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