Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Fix Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet For Less Than $6

Happy New Year Friends.

 Hope yours is off to a good start!

Mr. DIY & I didn't waste any time  over the past weekend starting on our "Get The House Ready To Sell List".  We worked on clearing out and cleaning  the attic, patching drywall and fixing the unsightly areas underneath the kitchen and master bathroom sinks. 
Our house is 15 years old and the sink cabinets have a little wear on them and we wanted them to look good because you know a buyer is going to open those cabinets!
Organizing storage spaces and cleaning up the whole house is so important when selling your house, so that's what we're working on. 

Here's how the sink cabinet looked before we started.

We've never had a leak, but signs of wear have developed over time.
The first thing we did was clear everything out and wipe down the whole area.

I found this peel and stick vinyl tile at Lowes.

Mr. DIY was able to put down a couple of whole tiles, but had to cut tile down.. He marked the back of the tile and scored it with a utility knife.

Then he bent the tile up along the scored line.

He cut the tile again on the front side of the tile if it was needed.

All done! Doesn't it look so much cleaner?

I set everything back in.

He then went on to do the Master Bathroom sinks.

We checked off 4 projects on off our "Get The House Ready To Sell List" this weekend.
We're aiming to get the house on the market May 1st.
 We'd better get busy finishing that list!


Cost for under the kitchen sink:
Mr. DIY used 6 tiles at .88 a piece. 


  1. You're doing much more than I ever thought of to get your home ready to sell. Not only do I expect your home to sell for more than you're asking (a bidding war), it's going to sell in a matter of days!

  2. This is an excellent idea for storage areas. It just takes effort really! Sometimes we forget how messy these hidden areas are and it can be challenging to get up off our bums to do something about it!


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