Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Organizing Continues -

The organizing for the new year continues at Casa Fanatic!

How goes it at your house?

Mr. DIY and I have been cleaning out and getting rid of things around the different rooms in our house. We've cleaned out the attic and even vacuumed it out. 
My job has been to organize it all.
Which brings me to the dresser in our Family Room, specifically the top drawer, where I keep a lot of our cloth napkins.
It. was. a. mess.

In addition to being a mess, I couldn't fit the napkins I had just washed into it and close the drawer.

 The first thing I did was take out the valet insert that came with the dresser and was taking up much needed space. After that, I took all of the napkins out.

 I refolded some of the napkins and set them in so that the folded end was at the top and sorted them by color and pattern.

Now I don't have to rifle through the drawer, messing up the stacks of napkins searching for the napkins I'm looking for. 

It's such a simple organizing project that really helps things stay tidy. 

Now on to the next space....


Areas cleaned out and organized:
 Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Cabinets
Living Room
Master Bath Linen Closet
Upstairs Linen Closet
Napkin Storage


  1. Ahh I love doing this kind of stuff and in fact I am doing a similar thing with some linens. I like the idea of stacking them on their side which should make it easier to figure out what you have rather than stacking them on top of each other like I have been doing. I'll see if this works for me!

  2. Great idea! My napkins, and cloth placemats, are all stacked together. What a mess to pull out some from the bottom of the pile! I have taken to putting my cloth tablecloths on hangers in the front hall closet: I don't have that many , but oh, it makes it so easy!

  3. My organizing is slow going!...I did organized all my napkins into baskets that are on the bottom shelf of my dining room hutch...:)

  4. It's good to have a storage area which fits just the thing you want to keep isn't it. Being able to keep things in a container that's exactly the right depth and height gives me such a sense of achievement and brings happiness to my OCD soul.


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