Saturday, November 5, 2016

How To Make A Cat House/Side Table

Our cat Buddy has been enjoying the cat house Mr. DIY made for him a couple of weeks ago. He took to it right away and spends a lot of time in it snoozing the day away. The side table really is nice to have on the days I spend outside on the porch. The days have been so beautiful lately that I've been out there a lot and it's so wonderful to have a table to set my drink or snacks on.

The cat house took Mr. DIY a whole day to build. The painting and staining took several days more.
First, the sides, front, back and bottom were cut out of 3/4" B/C plywood.

With the help of a Kreg Jig,  pocket holes were drilled to connect them all together with screws.  

Wood glue was applied to all joints.

The entrance doorway was cut with a saber saw before all the sides were put together...

Cleats were screwed around the sides for the shelf to rest on, but to also allow it to be removed for easy cleaning.

The legs were made with 1x3's -one side is cut one down so each leg would be symetrical, then nailed together.

The legs were attached with glue and 4 screws; 2 on each side.

The top was made from 2x3's attached together with a Kreg Jig, then sanded smooth. Simple hinges on the back allow access to the inside for storage and cleaning.

Cleats on the bottom side of the top were attached for rigidity and so it wouldn't warp.

The top was stainedwith Olympics Mountain Cedar and the bottom painted with Valspar "Blackstrap".

Buddy loves his new house! It's going to keep him warm on those chilly days coming up when he wants to be outside.

Hope you have a great weekend!


PS. if you'd like to build this Cat House/side table, pin it for later and I'll post the dimensions of all the pieces next week. 

*this is how we made our cat house/side table. . We don't take any responsibility for any errors or results obtained from you using this information. Using power tools can result in injury: be sure to wear safety equipment when using them.

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