Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Laundry Room Makeover

I'm really happy to show you how far our laundry room has come since we've moved in. I was really excited to have a larger laundry room than our previous house, especially because this house is a lot smaller. Our current laundry room is also a separate room and we don't have to enter walk through it to get into house from the garage.

Here's what we started with.

We knew that those shelves were definitely not going to work for us, so Mr. DIY headed off to Lowes the day after we moved in to pick up 2 wall cabinets and a tall cabinet. Since our garage was a lot smaller, we needed to store cat food and a lot of cleaning tools, batteries and light bulbs in the tall cabinet which we kept in the garage at our last house.

Lowes carries these cabinets in stock and they were affordable and simple to install.

 Mr. DIY and I talked about moving the sink and installing the tall cabinet where the sink is and putting the sink next to the wall cabinets, but with so many other things that had to be done, he just needed to get this room functional. We were also thinking we might add more storage above the cabinets, if needed,which is why Mr. DIY didn't install crown molding at that time.

That was about all we did until this month. We had a couple of spare weekends, so Mr. DIY painted the walls and ceiling Sherwin Williams Silver Strand (cut 25%) and installed 2 additional can lights.
What a difference those can lights make! It is now super bright in the laundry room and I enjoy being able to sort black socks easily!

I painted the baskets and made new liners a couple of years ago and they work perfectly and keep me organized. I use one basket for socks without a match, one for rags and one for miscellaneous things.  You can find how I made the liners HERE.

I repainted the coat rack a couple of weeks ago while Mr. DIY was painting the room.

Here's how the laundry room looks now.

Here you can see the laundry room from the dining room. The door to the garage is around the corner in the hallway to the right, between the laundry room and dining room.

 Now that the lighting in the laundry room is so bright, I'm finding that I'm actually folding laundry in the laundry room, so I ordered two of these stools from Walmart. This style stool is also available on Overstock, Wayfair and Amazon.

We still have some additions to make in this room...We might get a pendant light for ceiling, Mr. DIY will be installing a farmhouse sconce and a hanging rod over the sink and I'm working on a print for over the sink.

Here's the light we ordered from Amazon for over the sink:

At a later date, Mr. DIY really wants to install a wood countertop over the washer/dryer and we plan on adding that crown molding to the top of the cabinets.

For now, though, I think it's perfect!

Hope today is a good day for you!


If you'd like to see the light over the sink, you can see it HERE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Coat Rack For The Laundry Room

I really liked the coat rack we had in our oldest daughter's room at the last house and it had some nice bronze hooks on it. Before we put our house on the market, we swapped it out with one that was made out of reclaimed wood from our mountain cottage and some inexpensive hooks. You can see that post HERE if you missed it.

It looked great painted black back in the other house, but the dark paint didn't look so good in the laundry room at our new house. 

We took it down and painted the laundry room and I gave the board(which is a 30" drawer front) a couple of coats of white paint that we had in the garage. 

I distressed the edges just a little bit and Mr. DIY hung it back on the wall.

It turned out great and looks nice against the newly painted wall.

The new paint is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand cut by 25%. In person, it's actually bluer, but in the pic it looks green.

We're still working on the laundry room. So far, Mr. DIY has added cabinets, new can lights and put up the coat rack. We're adding a farmhouse light over the sink  and Mr. DIY really wants to install a wood countertop and change out the plastic laundry tub with a simple open cabinet and  a drop in sink. It's always something! I'm just happy it's painted and it's really bright with the new can lights.

Stay tuned!

Hope today is a good day for you.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Warmer Days Mean It's Time For Painting!

Hello friends!

We live in a community with an HOA, so we put in an ARC request to change the color of our front door back in October. We received the ok in November, but by then it was too cold  to paint outside. I like to paint when the temp is between 55 and 85 degrees and the humidity isn't too high, so I was resigned to the fact that this project wasn't going to get done until Spring.

Or so I thought!...

The weather was calling for a couple of 70+ degree days, so I got out the paint I purchased a few months ago and got to it. I took off the door handle and the wreath  hook and gave the door a good sanding.

The door was a rusty brown or brownish rust (haha) that I didn't like the minute I laid eyes on it. Whatever color it was, it really limited the wreaths I could put on the door. I had a green basket that looked great on the black door at our last house, but looked hideous on this door.

The color is Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore, but I had Home Depot color it in the Behr Marquee line.

Here's the before again:

And the after:

I'm not sure if I should paint the transom and sidelights white, leaving the frame around them the taupe color. What do you think? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Hope you have a great day!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

'Tis The Season To Get Organized

Happy New Year Friends!

Now that the new year has begun, I'm working on getting things back in order and getting Christmas put away and organized.

It would be so much faster and easier to just throw things behind closed doors, but doing that would just come back to haunt me later when I'm looking for something.

If you've been following me for awhile, y'all know I love armoires. Now that TVs are so big and don't fit in armoires anymore, you can pick one up for a song (ok, maybe a few dollars more than that) on Craigslist and yard sales. 

Remember, we had 2 of these in our Great Room at our previous house and one held a TV and the other one held books, pillows, etc. They didn't look right in our new Great Room and we needed storage in our Office/Craft Room, so that's where we have it now. We originally purchased 1 full retail for about $800 and found one on Craigslist about 8 years later (the same one) for $350. I've seen them for as little as $150.

In the top of the armoire, we keep craft supplies and the printer and paper. The bottom is the perfect spot to hold most of our gift wrapping supplies. 
In the bin on the left side, top shelf there is curling ribbon, some misc ribbon and Christmas package tape. Center bin holds krinkle paper and cellophane bags. The right bin holds gift tags. 

There's space on the bottom shelf for boxes, bags, tissue paper...

The bin holds gift bags and tissue paper. Below the bin are a few priority boxes and envelopes and on top are new, folded boxes and a few padded envelopes.

The drawer on the bottom of the armoire holds wrapping paper. I keep the Christmas wrapping paper up in the attic since it takes up a lot of space and we only need it once a year.

Since the armoire is in the office/craft room, I also have lots of other ribbon to
choose from in the bookcases on the other side of the room.  Don't hate me.

Now that the gift wrapping supplies are put away neatly and organized, I can get on to the rest of the house where there's lots of organizing left to do.


If you'd like to see another Organized Armoire, click HERE.