Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Project Today!!!

OK, I said it with sarcasm!!! I am actually doing the bookkeeping (for all of 2009) for rental property I co-own with my 5 other brothers & sisters!!! I have to do all of this so we can give this information to our accountant who does our taxes.

This is what I will be doing for many, many more hours!

I would rather be doing soooooo many other things, such as reading about all of your wonderful projects, painting or sewing or gardening!!!

Hope you are doing something so much more fun!



  1. Blaaaaa! Good luck!!! Next year I vote another sibling do it!!

  2. Someones got to do it!!~ Tag your it~!:)

  3. Doing the same!! It'll be done soon and you can get back to your awesome blog!

    A new follower and blogger,
    Nancy's Notes

  4. Pam-I am impressed that you CAN do it! Your siblings are lucky to have you. I loved your pics of the PB tables. I may have to hunt down that white goose :)Good luck--take plenty of breaks!

  5. Ugh, just the word "tax" gives me an icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'd rather be pecked to death by a chicken. What am I doing up at this hour? I haven't posted in over a week so I made myself stay up and finish what I started about 3 days ago. Yes, I'm a night owl too.


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