Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prom Dress and Window Shopping

Well, our Prom dress shopping adventure started out well. Walking up to Southpark Mall we were greeted with these beautiful Kwanzan Cherry trees.

We were shopping for prom dresses for my youngest daughter. We stopped off at Belk first, and my daughter tried on several dresses, but no luck. Wow, she has really grown up and has a mind of her own. That's a good thing. We went on to Nordstrom, but she didn't see anything she wanted to try on. She took this photo for me of a 
 chandelier in Nordstrom that I thought looked cool.

Loved the birdcages in the Louis Vuitton window. Birdcages seem to be everywhere.


We stopped of at Jessica McClintock and tried on a dress, but it didn't fit and she wasn't thrilled with it.Then we went to Macy's and she tried on a few more dresses, but alas, nothing chosen. Both of us are getting a little frustrated at this point. Loved the sleek design of Victoria's Secret. Looks so organized in there.

Ooooh. Now those are my colors ... but no prom dresses inside. 

Stopped by Pottery Barn. They had some cool stuff. Took some shots for Tablescape Thursday that I will post tomorrow. I thought this bedding ensemble was pretty. Wouldn't you just love to jump into that bed???

Another cool window design at J Crew

We went to Dillards ... she liked one dress, but I didn't, so we left without it. We made a stop at Cache, but nothing struck her fancy ...thank goodness! Too pricey.
Arrived home at 8:30 pm and we are TIRED!!! I wish we would have found something she really liked. This is my second trip with her. Hopefully she can find something when she goes out shopping (with a friend) tomorrow. We were wishing our trip to California was sooner because we know we could find something there with soooo many places to shop.  Anyone have any suggestions??? Prom is 5 weeks away. My oldest daughter hasn't even started looking yet! 



  1. Love all your pics, those trees are amazing!~ I know this may be off track, but Ross has so many dresses, you may want to check there...or even Burlington Coat factory, they may have some nice things as well!~

  2. Good suggestion Debbie. I have stopped by TJ Maxx, Marshall's & Ross hoping to see something!!! A few years ago Ross had some amazing designer dresses that would have been perfect for prom. Be glad you have boys. There are some girls who are dropping $300 to $500 on a dress... For 1 night! And,some of them go to more than one prom a year.

  3. Oh, the joys of prom dress shopping. I remember those days well and they cost a mere fortune. Thanks for taking us shopping with you.

  4. I don't know, sometimes I wish I had girls. Tyler's tux was around $150 last year. Add in almost a hundred bucks for tickets, dinner, pictures, flowers... We spent over $400. But I guess you can't put a price on memories. That spot at Southpark by Joseph Beth is one of my favorites.

  5. Tee, Prom certainly costs a lot! The cost of the dress is only the beginning. More likely it will have to be altered(another $50). Last year Jess' dress cost $50 or $60 just to have it pressed at the dry cleaners! Then there is the hair appointment and getting the nails done! And these days the girls buy their own tickets, dinner and prefer to go with a group of girls even when they've been asked by a boy! In our day you only went to the Prom if you had a date.
    That would be a good discussion topic - how the rules of dating have changed!


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