Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Party Inspiration

Mr. Fanatic and I love to throw parties!!! Because of all the redecorating/remodeling activity going on at our house, there hasn't been a lot of partying going on around here lately! Here's a photo of my youngest daughter's 15th birthday party a year and a half ago. We've had a few parties since then, but this was the last themed party that I decorated.

When Trader Joe's opened up in Charlotte, we had a Trader Joe's party to celebrate.

This June my oldest daughter is graduating from High School, so this big event definitely calls for a celebration!

While out in California we found some pink & green colored lanterns at Fabric Barn. You can see what we purchased if you click here. My daughter chose the colors...I really wanted turquoise & green, but it's her graduation party, so pink & green it is.

Would love to hear any other suggestions for cute ideas for a graduation party from all of you who either have thrown one or who have gone to another memorable party! Would love suggestions. Please let me know!!!

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  1. Great photos, we love planning parties too. My sons Halloween party was a blast, and we did it in the Garage. I think the painted pots idea is great!

  2. I love the cake you had for your daughters bday! It's adorable! That dessert table looks fantastic too!!!

  3. How'd you get the letters to stand?

    1. They have glued on stands like a picture frame has. The stands are made out of the same cardstock as the letters are. Hope that helps.


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