Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I thought I'd check in & say hello to everyone. I am currently going through "spray paint withdrawal"  and missing all of you! This is the last full week of school for my girls. They have a half day of finals on Tuesday and my oldest is graduating from High School on Friday. We are also meeting with the painter, having the house & grounds pressure washed & windows cleaned. That reminds me ... I still have to call someone in to clean the carpets!
So with all of this going on this doesn't leave any time to do some fun projects :( Hopefully things will be getting back to normal in a week or so!

My husband and I have been searching the internet and driving by some houses that are for sale in our area that meet our criteria. Of course we will only buy a house after our house sells, but it helps us to know what is out there.
Here are a few houses that we like that our up for sale.

We definitely love this one and it is only a few miles from our current home, so my daily routine wouldn't change..same grocery stores, Target, etc. Definitely move in ready.

Only one floor :) ... a big plus! ... and lots of wonderful trees.
Love the porch & the Craftsman style, but the yard is a little small.

We like this one because all the bedrooms are on the first floor with a bonus room upstairs. We like that the lot is almost an acre with lots of trees! Hmmm... what I could do with that backyard...
These past few months seem to have flown by. It's hard to believe it will be June in just a few days. I don't know about you, but I wish we had a few more weeks. Are you all ready for summer? Any fun things planned? 
 I hope all of you will be spending some time with your family and friends this Memorial Day weekend.
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  1. You enjoy the Holiday weekend too Pam!~ I have to say all those homes are beautiful, I like the craftsman style. None of these look like downsizing though to me...I picture downsizing like to a condo or townhouse....

  2. All of the houses are beautiful. The landscaping on the first has a lot of curb appeal.

    Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming graduation!

  3. I'm stocking up on snot rags for next Friday, do you have yours ready? I like houses 2 and 4 because the garages aren't so prominent, but they're all adorable.

  4. Pam, aren't all those beautiful homes. That first one looks as big as the one you are in. I really love the curb appeal of the last one. Hurry up and get yours sold so you can work on the new one. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  5. Beautiful homes.... I was in Charlotte a few weeks ago, and can appreciate what the surrounding neighborhoods must look like from these photos. Quite lovely.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  6. I love all the homes that you have showed us. We just moved to Cincinnati and now we might be transferred to South Carolina. I was online looking and the houses down there looks so much more like us. I really miss the south.

    I can't wait for your house to sell so we can see what you do to a new one. Have a great Sunday.


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