Friday, July 9, 2010

A Busy Week

I hope everyone had a terrific week! I wanted to thank all of you who left me such nice comments on this week's posts. You all are soooo encouraging and inspiring and fantastic! Thanks for coming back to visit me.

It has been another busy week for us with lots of changes. First I'm going to brag a little, so please pardon me!
My oldest daughter who just graduated from high school started a job search a couple of weeks ago received 3 job offers and another call back which she turned down because ... she accepted an offer at an upscale hotel  in a very nice part of town. She started this week and loves it. Her pay is 30 percent more than her last jobs and she gets free food! Gotta love that. (this is the daughter who doesn't cook) Every day they make something to order for her.... uh, where do I apply??? They will be working with her school schedule in the fall when she starts college. Just thought you'd all enjoy a little uplifting news considering the state of our economy!

Our next news for this week is ... my oldest daughter bought a new(pre-owned) car ... and so did I!!!
Ok...maybe not the car above, but we both like the ones we drove off in!!! Let's just say I am not driving a mommy car anymore and my girls both love it and it is very sporty!

Our last news is that a Realtor sign is now in our front yard. It went on the MLS on Wednesday morning and by Wed. afternoon someone called to come and look at it. They really liked it and want a second look.
I didn't expect any interest in it so soon. I can't tell you how much fun it is to clean your house with one hour's notice, especially when my house was in the state it was in because of the busyness of our week!!! So much fun!!! Thank goodness my youngest daughter was at home to help me!
Well, that is about as much excitement as I can stand for one week! I hope your week has been exciting, too.
Would love to hear what you all are doing this weekend. I hope it is something fun!!!



  1. WOW Pam bragging rights indeed! No surprise on the house thing...seriously the way you have it shown it is like a model home, ready to plop in! I am so happy for you all! And yes that was encouraging news about your daughter and her job. Have a great weekend! Debbie

  2. Hi!
    Just found your blog and have enjoyed visiting. Congrats to your daughter on her new job. It sounds fantastic! And best wishes on the sale of your home. Looks like it won't be long!
    p.s. I live in Asheville, NC

  3. WOW! What a week. Lots of exciting stuff going on in your life. Keep us posted on the house. Great!
    Have a good weekend..
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Pam, that is a lot of good news for one week. Better save some for next week. Hope your house sells quickly!

  5. My BIL & SIL sold their house in 4 days! It could happen for you too! Congrats on the new car and your daughters job! I would love a job like that! Maybe that's why my son is going to culinary school to be a chef! Free food. LOL! Seriously, glad to hear there is still good news for some on the job front!!!

  6. That's great that you've already had interest in the house! I'm getting new car fever too but I keep trying to remind myself how much I enjoy NOT having a car note!!!


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