Friday, October 15, 2010

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out!

I am seriously excited about cleaning out this space...SERIOUSLY!!! It took me two "sessions" to do the attic off of our office/bonus room. I think it looks BETTER than the bonus room :)  I should have taken a before photo, but just picture junk thrown in here on both sides...empty boxes(I might need one someday), cell phone chargers, cords, printers, bags, just plain old CRAP!
I tell ya, I am so excited about the attic being cleaned out, sometimes I go upstairs just to open the door & look in!

On the left:
Birthday & Christmas bags in the container &  wrapping paper. Tissue paper on the top,  gift tags, & little wrapping paper stuff. Two of the drawers are empty. 
In the bins on the right:
gifts, manuals, school supplies, office supplies, 2 drawers of recycled gift wrapping stuff. The cardboard boxes hold gift boxes and shipping boxes and packaging materials.

This is the guest room closet. You're going to have to take my word for it, but it was full. I still had some of my girls pretty dresses from when they were 2 in there. (they are 18 and 17 now). I still kept them, but I was breaking my own rule and using PRIME closet real estate for long term storage... Definitely a no-no. I packaged those lovely keepsakes up and put them in 2 Sterilite storage boxes and put them in the basement. I also sent some things to our giveaway/sell room in the basement, too. Some things I just threw away. This is the only bedroom closet that still has that lovely wire organizer. That blue box is my wedding dress...Do you still have yours?

You can see I still kept my girls Prom dresses-- they are on the girls wouldn't let me sell them. What do you do with Prom dresses when daughters move out???

I am finished with cleaning out all of the bedrooms and storage spaces on the two main floors of the house. Now it's on to the basement!
Hope you have something fun or productive planned for the weekend!



  1. Come ona my house, my housa come on!! Boy do i need you. I don't have the answers to any of your questions because I still have all of that stuff. You go girl!

  2. OK you seriously are putting me to shame....WOW!

  3. It's such a great feeling to be organized. Even better to have the room! ;-D


  4. It all looks wonderful. I need to do the same thing to the garage. Such a mess. Wish I had some of your storage. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Yes! I still have my wedding dress all boxed up and empty boxes, old cell, chargers,printers, computers, etc. in the attic! We even have a pile that my husband picked up from christmas morning of clothes boxes with the tissue papers and bits of wrapping paper still on them. Now that's bad! I can relate to how happy you must feel because our attic space is a mess right now. It's a big walk in space too and it nothing but a catch all at times! Yours looks great!

  6. You have been a busy bee!
    Yes. I still have my wedding dress. As far as the prom dresses, my girls took all their things when they married. They probably got rid of them by now.
    Clean closets are a good thing--as "Martha" would say.

  7. Well, I have both wedding dresses from both weddings! I tend to hang onto stuff tool, but before the second wedding I went from a 3800 sq ft house to a 1500 sq ft house, so naturally, I did get rid of some things, lol! Your attic looks great too!

  8. I enjoyed you're enthusiasm here! I still have my daughter's prom dresses...she won't let me let them go either! I plan on donating them to her closets when she settles in a permanent lifestyle...she is 23 and recently graduated from college...the fun has just begun!
    When I first saw the attic area I thought of a cathedral...wouldn't it be pretty with a stained glass item hung by chains just a bit before the window...when you gaze in there you would see the light shining through it like a church window!

  9. That is the grandest feeling, isn't it?! Thought I was the only one who admired a tidy attic. B and Tyler have already started encroaching on the third floor walk up with hunting gear. Not good.

    I still have my wedding dress, but since I didn't have any girls, I took it out of the hermetically (sp?) sealed box and put it in something smaller and prettier in my closet. I always wanted to make pillows out of my old prom dresses but Mom sold them at a yard sale years ago. Oh well.

  10. Someday soon I too will get our attic tidied and cleaned. Now what to do with prom dresses?? My dad never let us leave after a visit with at least one or 2 boxes of our stuff! What could we say? We had a house; I didn't want to get rid of the treasures so we took them. Notice the we...after I was married or in the case of our sons we will wait until they are fully settled. I am guessing they will say toss! Happy a great Saturday! Linda @ bushel and a pickle

  11. Doesn't it feel good to get a closet or area cleared out? It's a lot of work, but it's a good feeling when you finish.

  12. Woo hoo! Doesn't it feel good to be organized? Great job. You are on a roll. Stop by and say hello. Linda

  13. I so wish our attic entrance was big enough for plywood to accompany a person!! *sigh* oh the things (In small containers) I could store up there!!!

  14. I don't have daughters, but depending on the dress materials, I would make memory pillows. I plan to make one from my old wedding dress! Large like a pillow sham for our queen sized bed.

  15. Love your closet ideas! Thank you for sharing!

    For prom dresses... My mother donated mine to a small second hand store asking the owner to give them to a family in need. The dresses went to a great home. And it was nice that the owner made sure the request was met. It made it easier to get rid of them. =)

  16. I found your attic shelf project on pinterest which brought me to your sight and this post.

    If you still haven't decided what to do with the prom dresses you might want to check out the organization below. They pair donors and receipents through a collection/distribution organization in local areas. This allows a girl who can't afford a prom dress the opportunity to get one for free.

    Thanks for the inspiration on organizing my attic!

    Happy New Year!


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