Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Kitchen Design

In my search for a new home, every once in awhile I come across a home that I designed the cabinetry for. Here is one of them:

What a lovely setting!

A view of the kitchen:

The cabinet line that the homeowner chose was not my favorite...I remember the panels on the fridge came in wrong & caused me a lot of trouble! The beadboard on the back of the island had to be refinished too.

Such  a pretty breakfast room!

The homeowner requested something different in their master bath... See the towel? That is a warming drawer
I bet the plumber had fun routing the pipes above that drawer! Not much room!
I'm so glad I found these photo...When I was designing kitchens a few years ago, we were so busy designing and building them that we hardly ever took photos of our work. Needless to say, I have very few photos of my work.

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  1. That is one beautiful house. I love the kitchen cabinets and the covered frig.
    Great idea for a warming drawer in the bath.

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful home and you did a great job on the kitchen and bathroom... I love the cabinetry...A++++

  3. What a pretty house. Wouldn't it be ironic if you ended up buying a house that you worked on?

  4. I forgot to mention this is a 7,000+ square foot house(has a basement)and is listed at $795, lists it as 1.2 million, so it is a bargain at the list price. I probably won't end up buying a house I designed cabinetry for because I'm looking for a house that is less than $300,000!

  5. It's a very pretty house. I especially love the bathroom. I like the color of all the cabinets. I really want to paint my cabinets but I'm a little scared!

  6. You do amazing work!! Wish I had found you before we built our house, although it nowhere compares to that one!

  7. That is gorgeous!! YOu do wonderful work!!

    Awww a towel warming drawer in the MB...sounds heavenly!

  8. Gorgeous kitchen! I was going to say, so what are you waiting for, buy it! LOL! Then I saw your comment! Gee! Why are all the good ones so darn expensive. You did a beautiful job on this one though! :)

  9. Pam! That was an absolutely incredible kitchen and bath! You do some beautiful work and it is all just gorgeous! It is so fun to "peek" into homes and having your connection to it must make it that much more rewarding.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us,

  10. Well it sure is gorgeous Pam. I did not think the 7's where your price range for downsizing LOL!!~ beautiful home though.

  11. Beautiful kitchen and bath. No wonder you are proud of what you did.

    You should ask the homeowners if they will send you a picture of the work you did. Years ago when we built our home, my parents took lots of pictures throughout the process. When our builder found out, he asked for copies because he didn't have pictures to show clients "before" and "after pictures". The guys who made our cabinets came back and askeddor pictures as well.

    Most likely, your clients will be happy with what you did and proud to show off how they made the home "theirs", so I'm sure they wouldn't have minded sending you a picture.


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