Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Thing Leads To Another...

Do you have a catch all space that everyone seems to just throw things in and shut the doors?
Well, that's the armoire in our Family Room. These shelves are suppose to be for holding books and my 200+ magazine library.  I think there's a few more items that don't belong in there. I really wanted to clean things out, so I started by taking everything out except the books on the bottom shelf.

I love my Southern Living and Traditional Home magazines from several years ago. But, since we are going to be moving to a smaller house, I really needed to get rid of some of them.

So.......I got rid of.......................101 of my magazines!!! The ones below were just the ones from a basket and were my girls magazines.

See...I don't even have one full shelf of them anymore :)
But, now I had a bunch of empty space in there...

what to do, what to do.....hmmmmm

Well,  I have these books, er cookbooks that I personally NEVER use!  Mr. Fanatic, who worked as a chef for many years and loves to cook, on the other hand, uses them often.    (ok, I look at the cookbooks with the pictures, then ask Mr. Fanatic to make the recipes that look good!)  

The armoire is on the wall next to the breakfast room, so they are still close by when Mr. F needs gets a hankerin' to cook or bake something.
They fit perfectly!

Now, I had all this space in the wall cabinet & I knew just what to do.....

Ever since we put in the under counter lights in our kitchen, I've had to keep my vitamins in a box in the pantry.  They were in the wall cabinet next to this one, but they had to be moved because the bottom got warm when the lights were on and heat and vitamins don't mix. So, I moved them to the pantry. Problem is... I never took them because it was such a hassle digging through the box and the pantry(another story).

Now, if I can just remember to take them!

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  1. Looks Great! Doesn't it feel awesome when its all done??

  2. Doesn't it feel good to purge?!! It's funny how when a space opens up it isn't long before you find something to fill it.

  3. Just make sure they are not expired!~ Looks great Pam so fresh and new again. I really need to be doing more of this instead of sitting here blogging while the boys are at school. Thanks for joining me this week...glad you got inspired to do a before and after, now you inspired me:) Debbie

  4. Debbie makes an excellent point about making sure your vitamins (and your medications) are not expired. This cabinet is wide enough to hold all the vitamins my doctor told me and my daughter to take without having to search in the back.

  5. I would clean the armoire out and have it filled back up in 5 minutes!! I'd love to have all that space!


  6. I have a whole room like this! HA! It's something I plan to work on this weekend.

  7. Wow! You go girl! I have a catch all space... it is called the office!!!! I have to sell some of our furniture to make more room, but oh, how I hate to let things go. I suffer from the "I may need it in our next house" I need to move on!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. It feels so good to purge closets or cabinets and get more room. Looks great!

  9. I know how good it feels to do this -- I just don't know it often enough!!!

  10. Looks great... reminds me of a few cabinets I need to clean out... Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Hey Pam! Ok, I wish I could have been there to take some of those magazines off your hands for you! Those are the only 2 that I subscribe to! It looks really great now and I love getting to see the "real" stuff of life from folks. Like the insides of armoires and vitamins! :-)

  12. It looks great. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday link party until Saturday and would love for you to join the party. Hope to see you there.


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