Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Projects Wrap Up

It's been a busy year for projects around here...seriously busy! All of the big projects, except for one were finished in July because we put our house on the market. From January through the end of June there wasn't one single weekend that we didn't work on projects. Most weekends we worked both days. A few weekends we only worked one day.
Here they are:

Guest Room:
new curtains & bedcover- not much of a project, but big impact!

 Master Bath and Master Closet:
installed tile floor, raised vanity.

Master Bedroom
Made draperies and found new nightstands.

Bonus Room:
Installed a closet(it was a nook) & built & installed a closet organizer

Upstairs Bath: 
Almost a total reno.
Painted walls & vanity light, installed tile floor, added a small cabinet, new towel bars and new accessories.

Powder Room:
painted walls and  mirror.

Oldest Daughter's Bedroom:
Lots of projects in this room! See other link here.

Youngest Daughter's Bedroom:
Another one of my favorites, but we still have to make some bookcases for the window wall.
Painted and decorated. There are a lot of smaller projects within this room. Look under the labels section on the sidebar.

Added crown molding and lighting below shelf above Front Door

This was done a few days before Christmas last year.
Built mantel shelf 
Had the stonework installed

Laundry Room:
installed new tile floor and added accessories

painted floor and walls

Had new granite counterops installed & we did the tile backsplash  and added new corbels on back of the bar.

Front Yard:
We installed an irrigation system ourselves.

A Big Project Within A Project: Daughter's Armoire

There were a few small projects I didn't mention, but the above were the big ones. It's been a very productive year for us and it has been rewarding to see them all done. 
I've already started a project list for 2011, but will share that with you another time!

Happy New Year to all!!!



  1. You sure have been busy you and Mr. F. Any luck on selling yet? Perhaps the New Year will bring good luck. Your home is so beautiful Pam and move in ready for sure.

  2. Whew!! I am exhausted just reading. You have accomplished so much. Your home is beautiful and you have added so much. Can't wait to see what you have in store for next year. Have a great weekend, Ginger

  3. Oh my word, what a lovely home you have! You have been very busy this year, I can't wait to explore your blog!

  4. I must have missed the crown molding project, what a great way to dress up that area. I'm thinking that may be a project I need to conquer in 2011.

  5. You really did a fabulous job with your home...what a lot of hard work! Everything looks beautiful. Love the bathroom and kitchen, two rooms I'd love to have done.

    Good luck with the selling and all things possible in 2011!


  6. Girl, you have been BUSY! I thought moving twice was a lot but you have really gotten a lot of stuff done. It is all beautiful.

    Looking forward to 2011:)

  7. Oh I need some dream time to come back here and read lots more.
    This is better than HGTV Canada!

  8. Wow - you were very busy...and got a lot done!!!

  9. It's so amazing that you got so much accomplished in so little time! I want to be like you!!!

  10. If Rhoda and/or Kim is giving away a prize, you dang well better win one! I don't know how y'all do it. You make it look so easy!

  11. Your home is beautiful. I am also from Southern California and now live in Columbia,SC since 2005. You have done alot of project which inspire me to do projects in my home. I have posted pics of the first two things I want to complete and would love any ideas.

  12. Love seeing all your projects, all so beautiful!!!
    Happy New year to you!!!

  13. Wow! You had some very amazing projects in 2010! Your house is beautiful!

  14. Wowee Pam! You guys were seriously busy! It is always so hard when you are trying to cram it all in before listing a house but you did such an awesome job and at least you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for a little while. :-) It has been fun connecting with you this year and I look forward to seeing more of your talent in the new year!

  15. Pam! What a productive amazing year you had! I love your transformations. Your entire home is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

    Happy New Year!



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