Monday, January 24, 2011

Choosing Paint For The Dining Room and A Design Plan

Do you have trouble choosing a new paint color for your project?
I certainly do! This is how many sample it took me to choose a paint color for my Dining Room! 
First, I thought pale green would be pretty, so I picked out three green paint colors. I didn't like those, so I went and chose 2 more! 
Then, I decided a green paint  would look great in our kitchen. Of course none of the samples worked in the kitchen- so more paint samples are needed for this room too. Oy! 
Since we are going to be painting the Foyer, the Family Room and Hallways, a complementary paint color has to be chosen for those rooms. I have narrowed it down, but I'm not quite there yet, so there will be more paint samples!

 After much searching and looking at an endless number of dining rooms, I chose grey. I love the grey paint we chose for our daughter's room.
We painted the garage grey also, and I love it in there too. But, the grey for these rooms was too dark for the dining room. Ah! Another sample. This time it only took one grey sample to get it right!

Here's how our dining room looked before the new china cabinet: 
The valance will be taken down, but the curtain panels will stay. I am going to make slipcovers and pillows for the chairs. This project is going to take awhile!

 So, here's the plan: The grey paint color isn't quite as blue as it appears below.

Do you have as difficult of a time choosing a paint color?



  1. Pam, choosing color is a funny thing. When I choose color for my clients, I can design a palette in the first 10 minutes. But, choosing color for myself? It took me 2 weeks to choose just ONE color for my dining room! LoL. Your design board looks great!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your dining room project, Pam.

    Love the board. I need to do this for the living room mini makeover.

  3. Hi Pam... Love the wall colour very much and
    I am waiting that how your chair and pillows goes with it ... Do you change the curtains too I mean go for some matching or left the old one...

  4. Looks great! We just choose grey for my master bedroom. What is the name of the paint you chose?

  5. It's going to look wonderful. Can't wait to see it all done. Love the new colors. Hugs, Marty

  6. THat is going to be gorgeous! I love the gray. I am trying to find the right gray for my guest room right now. Do you mind sharing that color?

  7. So pretty! I look forward to seeing the reveal. I'm hoping to add a bit more blue in my decor this year. The fabric and paint you've chosen are beautiful!

  8. Your plan looks just gorgeous! We have the exact same chandelier and black shades! I'm thinking that you are going to be inspiring me to lighten up my space a bit too. Can't wait to watch it all unfold! :-)

  9. That is lovely. I have to tell you I have bought 8 samples of beige for our family room and still not convinced!


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