Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Off The Market!

As of Saturday, our house is no longer for sale. In mid December we were counting down the days. It has been a looooonng 6 months. I am relieved! You would think that I'd be disappointed that our house didn't sell. You would be wrong! Why? Because in 6 months of looking for a house, while our house was for sale,  we couldn't find one in our area that would give us the space we needed. You would think that with all of the houses that are for sale right now, we'd be able to find one we liked. But, all of the houses in our area either had really small secondary bedrooms or they were 2 bedrooms short.  I was pulling my hair out! I found some great houses that were too far out. They would have been ok for just Mr. Fanatic and I, but too far for where my daughters go to school and work. Had we found a house in the location we wanted, we would have dropped the price of our house for a quick sale.
So, I think we will stay in our home another few years until our daughters move out...

Which brings me to some home projects I've been dying to do, but couldn't, because the house was for sale!!!
Building tall bookcases to go on either side of the window in my youngest daughter's room is on the top of our new projects list. However, this project is going to have to wait for some warmer weather because cutting the wood for them entails being outside...

... so, new paint for the dining room is moving up on the list.

Painting the family room, foyer and kitchen a new color is on the short list, as well. I would LOVE to re-do the whole fireplace, mantel and building out the wall to the ceiling, but probably not anytime soon.
A project that I would love to do is to install a toe kick dust pan in the kitchen and in the master bath.
This is definitely a project that would make my life so much easier! Definitely not a glamorous project, but oh, so practical!
American Home

 I would LOVE to replace the wire shelving in the linen closet in my Master Bath with some melamine shelving. This is another project that will have to wait until the weather is a little warmer.

I would also love to re do my kitchen pantry. Remember my temporary no cost pantry transformation?
This year I plan to do some more small projects--they include making:

slipcovers for the dining room chairs
slipcovers for the kitchen barstools
an upholstered headboard for Master Bedroom
an upholstered headboard for my oldest daughter
a pillow sham for my oldest daughter

The last two are going to depend on whether my daughter is living with us or gets the opportunity to move with her job to California. Did I mention she only turned 18 last June?

The above list is a good start.
I'm sure I will add a whole lot more to it.

There is more snow on the ground today and I'm not going anywhere, probably for at least 2 days. Hmmmm, what shall I work on?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,


  1. Pam, sorry you didn't find another house you liked. Your home you have is lovely and now on to the projects. Look forward to seeing the changes.

  2. Sometimes there are blessings when things don't always work out as we would want them to. Im excited about all the new endeavors you will bring to us this year!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Glad you feel at peace with your decision, it even sounds like you have a renewed sense of energy for sprucing up your current home.

    I saw a great bookshelf idea on Fran's blog,Green Street, a homeowner stacked inexpensive bookcases to make them floor to ceiling and installed some molding to finish the look. Great result for less money.

  4. Your home looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see all of your new projects. Glad you are excited about making changes. Hugs, marty

  5. It's amazing how good your own place can look when you see what's out there. Enjoy getting to do all of your decorating goals. I linked over from The Nester. If you get a chance come check out my goals at Thanks.

  6. Wow, you have some fun projects ahead!! We have them ahead but can't get too them yet, lol! We are all pretty much stuck inside here and this house is not large enough for three kids home from school! Adding on would be my first priority for sure. Enjoy the weather! Thanks for stopping by:-)

  7. ...and I can't wait to see that gorgeous sterling! You have one of my favorite patterns.

  8. Sometimes even the choices that are opposite of our initial plans can bring the most relief. I'm so excited to see what you do with your already gorgeous home! I don't think I had ever seen your family room area with the amazing soaring 2 story heights. Beautiful!

  9. I can't wait for you to get started on some projects! I think the shelves are going to be awesome. I've never heard of a toe kick dustpan. Looks interesting! Have a great day!

  10. Oh, how I miss my toe kicks. We had our house wired for central vac but didn't get the important part that makes it actually function. Someday when there's an extra $1500 just lying around, I guess we will.

    How exciting for Jessica! But I must say they are just growing up way too fast for me.

  11. Our house has been on the market for 7 months! We were fortunate and were able to buy, and move, to another one down here in N.C.. When will the old one sell? We're thinking it could be another 6 months...and so it goes! Our realtor is good, and we have a man to look after the place, so there will be open houses every other week. Here's hoping!

  12. Hi Pam. Looks like you have quite a few projects to do. We still have our house on the market (9 months!), so we are not doing any of the things that I would still like to do.....yet! Your home is beautiful! Hope your snow doesn't keep you too confined...we'll see. Linda

  13. Sorry your home did not sell but I do know how stressful it is to be selling and how much relief you must have now so you can just sit and relax. Can't wait to see what projects you conquer this year.

  14. Looks like you have a lot of great projects planned! And lots of painting in the future. I hate painting, but I love how it looks when I'm done. Paint can really make a big difference!
    Hope you have a great day!

  15. Your home is beautiful!! I can't wait to see what is next!!

  16. I completely understand not finding a house. There is a lot of inventory but it is finding the right inventory. I kinda settled on our house but we didn't have one for sale like you did.

    Ok, I am freaking out about your daughter being 18 and possibly moving to California! Oh my!

  17. Whew! I am tired just looking at your to do list. I do understand what you mean about being relieved that your house didn't sell. We had that happen to ourselves a few years ago. We are still here and so glad we didn't move.
    Love your blog. Tonight I am visiting various friends and grabbing their buttons. So consider yours grabbed. BTW how do you make a button? Are there instructions anywhere?
    Hugs, Ginger

  18. I have never heard of that toe kick dust pan - brilliant!

    That's quite a list, and I am grateful for your blog so we can follow along!

  19. Seems like you have plenty to do to keep you in your lovely home for a long time! You know how it goes, you will get it just the way you want it and then sell it!
    Yikes on your daughter possibly moving to California.
    Enjoy the snow...I figure if it has to be winter there may as well be snow!
    It's only temporary "insanity" lol...

  20. Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment :) I wish I had a toe kick too!!!!!! Your home is beautiful.

  21. You know Pam, we've sort of come to the same conclusion. We didn't put our house on the market, but watched as others in our area sat. Our plan was to sell in 5 years...that was three years ago. In the end, we decided to do some updates here. The idea was to sell when we could no long take care of our home. We are still doing pretty well (knock on wood), so I am ready to add some trim here and there and get some painting done, etc.

  22. Happy New Year! I love how organized your closets are. Looking forward to reading about your 2011 projects : )

  23. I so understand what you mean. I keep my eye on the market in our area all the time, it's kind of a habit of mine. I have yet to see anything in our price range that suits us any better then what we already have. That's why I keep coming up with more ideas to improve where we are as I just don't see us moving anytime soon. My list is not quite as defined as yours though. I like how you know exactly what you want to do. I am looking forward to seeing your improvements this year. I am sorry it did'nt sell but I guess it just wasn't meant to be right now! It's all good!

  24. You are happy with it? Its ok if your happy... your to do list is very long but I am sure you can do it. you are a terrific one.... Love your house and I am sure after your renovation it looks more beautiful...

  25. It just was not meant to be Pam. But think how fresh and new your home feels now. I always felt how could you leave what you have already, just to start all over again....when the time is right it will be.


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