Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do You Craigslist?

I check out Craigslist several times a week... more often if I'm looking for something specific.
Here are a few things I found listed on our local Craigslist this past weekend...

This Mid Century dresser was listed for $110. I love it's lines and wish I had somewhere to put this!

Pine Chest...$60

 Wrought Iron Glass topped coffee table (they had the glass)...$50

I think these twin headboards are a steal at $10 a piece or $15 for both.

This Farmhouse table was a bit pricey at $300

There were some pretty cool antiques, as well.
This jar was $125

This milk can  is $40

If you need some china and flatware, these were only $30.

How about a silverplate coffee service for $50...

or this one for $30?

I've both purchased and sold many things on Craigslist. I have met so many nice people. Last Saturday I sold the dresser we had for sale.
 Painting the hardware and lining the drawers paid off! I received several calls and emails on it right after posting it on Friday.

We ended up selling it to someone whose brother was in my oldest daughters class last year. Small world. 
I always use common sense and caution, though, because you never know! 
If I'm selling something, I always make sure I have the item in the garage or in a front room of the house and make sure someone else is home with me when they come over.
If I'm buying something, I always check out the neighborhood I'm going to and never go alone. 
I would love to know if you buy and sell on Craigslist and if you've had good luck with it!



  1. I do Craigslist but never seem to find anything THIS amazing. I am so far behind on my projects I need to focus for a bit before I buy any more.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  2. GREAT finds!!! Your dresser turned out wonder you sold it so quickly!

  3. Awesome finds....I have sold on Craig's list but never bought. I really need to start looking more often. I want to do more furniture, and Goodwills pickings are slim!

  4. I regularly check our local Craigslist but it seems like all I ever find is poor quality furniture from the '80's or nice things like Ethan Allen pieces that the seller wants full retail for. We have a few upscale consignment stores in our area that will come to your home and pick up the pieces, sell them and give you a cut. I think that's where a lot of the better things go. Wish I could find things like you did.

  5. Yes Pam, I love Craigslist! That's where I bought my Duncan Phyfe table and 8 chairs for $125. I also sold a piano and a persian rug there. I love that it's free and there is no shipping! I bet there is a lot more in your area though!

  6. Awesome! We have sold and purchased many items. I got a blackberry phone after I dropped my into my iced latte. We have purchased and resold bunk beds. I have also donated few things when I was contacted by a nonprofit for an item I had listed. Love Craigs List. Thanks for the safety suggestions too.

  7. Love your blog Pam, I too work as a kitchen & Bathroom designer as well as having my own interior design company alongside although I am many miles over the pond in little blighty. Im new to blogging & have felt so totaly inspired by so many talented people..people that get excited about interiors, kitchen etc just like me yay :)

  8. My very best sale via Craigslist was my daughter's car! We tried local web "want ads", ebay, and then did Craigslist. Absolutely no problems! The nicest mother/daughter who bought it...this was a great little red VW Jetta in almost perfect condition.
    On the other hand, I've never bought from Craigslist; it takes time to scour the ads and I just haven't done that yet! But I know my daughter has bought some great things in D.C.
    I definitely think it depends on your location: the larger the "metro" area, the better your chances of good finds.

  9. I am a Craigslister of GREAT proportions! Also, your newest follower! Come and see what I found in Chicago!


  10. We don't have Craigslist, but love to see your find great ones, coffee server are great... And your dresser transformation is really great Pam...
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  11. I love Craigslist, I have sold more than I have bought, but when I sell something I meet them somewhere like A walmart parking lot etc. When I lost my job and needed money I sold everything I could on Craigslist and like u it seems that no sooner I posted it, my phone would be ringing off the hook.

  12. I too have recently found a love for Craigslist! I seem to only go on when I'm "looking" for something specific. Come by and see my first ever purchase from Craigslist
    I heart Craigslist!

  13. You have shown some wonderful pieces, Pam. I've never done Craigs List. Perhaps I should give it a try.

  14. Nice finds on Craigslist. I have sold things through it and I do the same as you - I have it in a location that doesn't take them into my home. I had a guy come by and buy some snow tires once, he agreed to buy them, started putting them in his car and then wanted to negotiate me to a lower price! I was so mad because I stated it was a firm price! It was an awkward moment..but it turned out fine. I put a Bunn coffee maker on and 30 min later I had a call and it was taken within an hour..that was a record! You do have to be watchful for scammers, but it's a great free way to buy and sell!


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