Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Easy Artisan Bread ~ You Have To Make This!!!

Most of you know that I don't like to cook, but Mr. Fanatic, who was a chef for many years, does. So, whenever I come across a really good looking recipe, I send Mr. F. the link on Facebook so he can make it for me. 
The latest recipe I sent him was for Artisan bread. He's been really into baking bread lately, so I thought it might be easy for him, since this recipe doesn't take any kneading and consists of only 4 ingredients which are:
Lukewarm water, kosher salt, yeast and flour. That's it! He said it was super easy and I can tell you it was really yummy!
Doesn't it look beautiful???

I found it on a blog called Days at Buttermilk Cottage, and you can find the recipe HERE.
Seriously ladies, even I could make this bread in no time at all.

Hope you like it! 


ps: He used our microwave to proof the dough. He warmed the microwave up by heating the water up in it AND turned  the light on. Then he put the newly mixed up dough in it to proof.


  1. There is my down fall right there...Yummo! Go Mr. F!!~

  2. I used to love making bread and even have a special pan for French bread. I am definitely going to try this. How can you beat 4 ingredients!


  3. Yummmm. I could literally eat that entire loaf in one sitting (with soft butter, of course)! *Becca*

  4. Yummy, that looks delish!!! Can't believe that its only 4 ingredients, looks like something you would buy at a fancy bakery!

  5. Like Becca, I could eat one loaf all by my lonely with some Southern sweetened tea! AND honey butter!

  6. I just tried it yesterday and there's no going back to store-bought bread. So easy!

  7. Yumm...I'm a bread fanatic! Have to try it!

  8. I'm a carbaholic, I'd love it. Does it require a lot of kneading though, my poor arthritic hands can't handle that, I usually use my bread machine if kneading is required.

  9. Just discovered that you used and liked the Artisan Bread at my blog! So glad Mr. F approved! Thanks for the link and


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