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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things, They Are A Changin'

Wouldn't it be great if you could design a room & just go out and purchase all the beautiful things you needed? I would love that!
Ok, so back to reality.

I've been working on changing the colors in our home and lightening things up for Spring. We started in the Dining Room a few months ago & I finally began lightening things up in the Family Room. My main goal is to get rid of all or most of the red in my home.
Here's the before of my coffee table:

This box holds all of the remotes.

Here's the after:

I painted the box with Apple Barrel Mossy Green Gloss paint. This color definitely says Spring! The lantern is painted with Apple Barrel's Pewter Grey with a dash of Military Blue mixed in.

Do you have something in your house that you get frustrated with every time you look at it? Our 20 year old sofa was it for me. We bought it before kids. Underneath the lovely (said with sarcasm) slip cover,  is a champagne damask sofa. It was a great sofa ~ It was the only place I could sleep comfortably when I was pregnant with both my girls. Ah, but I digress... it's heyday had come and gone...like 10 years ago! When we moved here, I found this ugly slipcover at Target. I don't really like that many florals, but it was the only one that would fit this huge sofa.

What I hated most about this cover was that it looked like this after my girls and Mr. F sat on it. It was a pain to constantly fix it.

Well, we finally got a new sofa!
Now, I just need to make some throw pillow covers and choose a new paint color for the room.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!



  1. I love the new sofa and the green paint on the box. I am looking to change out the furniture in my great room.

  2. Pam I LOVE your new sofa!! You just gave me an idea to paint a decorative box that I have in my room that I'm really not lovin anymore, but I bet I will after a little painting! I love how you accessorized your coffee table it looks so pretty. Stop on by and check out my giveaway when you get a chance, Martina

  3. Paint is a wonder, isn't it? The table top looks great!

    Love, love your new sofa! I know you're gonna love using it.

  4. Great looking couch Pam. I love the green box too..nice changes for sure!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful sofa you got! Your family room looks so pretty and I love all the little changes you made too - the painted green box for your remotes looks great too.
    Now get busy making pillows so you can show us! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Love your changes. The new sofa is great!

  7. Oh, it looks fantastic! Great color choices, and awesome new sofa:)

  8. congratulations on the new couch! It is terrific. I like the paint color changes to your accessories too.

  9. I want, I need new sofas!!!!! and I,too, plan to leave the winter colors and bring in spring with the next home's colors.

  10. That new sofa looks great!!!


  11. Pam, What a difference! I love your new sofa and your painted items!

  12. I love that you painted that box green! What a difference! Your new sofa is fabulous!!! I can't wait to see the pillows you make for it!

  13. Love the Lantern very much Pam ... it looks so beautiful and obviously your new sofa too :).. Waiting for new throws and cushions...


  14. What a great transition. I love how you redid the items to give them a second life. And your new sofa is beautiful.

    Why don't you link up to Seasonal Sundays next Sunday?

    - The Tabescaper

  15. I love the new sofa. It has a very classic feel I think. I'm ready for a new one as well but mine is only 3 yrs. old. Here's a question, how do you get your hubs to put the remotes in the box?? I have a little thing to put ours in but they never end up there unless I put them in it!

  16. Wow, what a transformation. I love the green and gray combo. I just painted my kitchen gray and love it. Your new couch is awesome and really makes the room feel much lighter.

  17. Oh, i love the new sofa. With it being a neutral solid, you can do so much with the accessories, pillows, etc. Good choice.

  18. Wow Pammy - your new sofa is awesome! And I'm totally jealous. I need a new one so badly, but it's not at the top of my list.....

  19. I love your new sofa and your coffee table redo, Pam.

  20. Your changes to lighten things up look great. I've been weeding out the red in our home too :) One room seems to lead to another...

  21. Wow, the new look is lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

  22. I LOVE the new couch! I do love my reds, but that paint color you chose is perfection.

  23. Beautiful new sofa! And, love how you lightened up your pretty, pretty vignette, too ... great paint colors! *Becca*

  24. I love the new sofa and the way you lightened things up. You could literally use any color with that sofa. I'm seeing graphic patterns, florals, etc...Have fun pulling it all together.

  25. I love the new sofa, the room looks so nice already! Great change with your accessories too!


  26. Hey Pam! Sorry I missed this. I love your new sofa. I bet you are sooo excited! I also really like how you painted the lantern and the box. I love the green on the box especially. cannot wait to see what patterns you choose for your pillows. You will have so many options with this sofa you may have to make several sets! LOL!


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