Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Weekend In The Garden

My daughter's bookcases were pushed off yet another weekend because we had 15 yards of mulch delivered on Friday. (We normally order 30 yards, but the cheap place we get it was out & couldn't tell us when they would have any)
I wish we could say that we were able to put it all down, but we had another Spring storm pass through yesterday and we weren't able to do anything outside. Guess what I'll be doing the rest of the week!
Sunday we spent about five hours spreading mulch and a couple of hours on Friday. 
We still want to put down fresh cypress chips for the path, but that will be another weekend.

We had the playhouse moved up toward the patio in the woods.  We haven't leveled it yet, so it might look a little crooked.
Here's before the mulch was put down, but after the playhouse was moved.

These photos were taken as the sun was going down, so the color a little washed out.

The flower beds always look so good with fresh mulch!

Update on my 18 year old daughter who had an interview in California on Friday... She is home safe and sound....for another two weeks. She aced her interview and will start her new job in Hollywood in 3 weeks.
The first baby bird is flying the coop....bittersweet.

Hope you had a terrific weekend!



  1. Hi Pam,

    15 yards of mulch is a lot of mulch!! I bet you're wiped out from moving all of that! Your backyard is just beautiful! I love the firepit area, the woods and all of your plantings.

    Congratulations to your daughter!!

    Have a great night.

  2. It all looks beautiful Pam. Your hosta are amazing. Ours are just beginning.

  3. Pam, your yard looks fabulous as always. Love that row of hostas. How can you stand for your daughter to be that far away. Of course you will get to go visit her. Congrats to her on her job!

  4. Pam your grounds are gorgeous!! Congrats to your daughter what an amazing opportunity! Martina

  5. Mulch makes all things good and your photos show just that. I can almost smell that mulch from here. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Everything looks gorgeous Pam! That sure is a lot of mulch girl!

  7. Well first off congratulations on your daughter's successful interview and for landing the job! That's great news even though I know the heart strings are being tugged on now!
    The mulch looks wonderful...15 yds! Oh my gosh! We only get 3 yards and that's plenty enough for me! You can start on my lawn in a couple of weeks!

  8. How sad for you and exciting for your daughter!
    It's a fun place to visit, though. We head out there about twice a year.
    Your yard looks great! We just finished mulching last Tues. You're right, everything always looks better after a fesh layer of mulch is down.
    Have a good week!

  9. Wow! The gardens look beautiful. Congrats to your daughter, too.

  10. Your yard looks perfect, Pam! I love how mulch makes everything look so neat and manicured!! Of's always easier to hire someone to do it for you!


    P.S. Congratulations to your daughter!!

  11. Pam, I have not been getting ANY of your updates on my blog roll!!! Boo hiss!! What a lovely forest area there you have. And that playhouse is precious! I want it!!
    Good luck to your daughter. What will she be doing? Hollywood is not far from me. A little over an hour or so.

  12. Wow, I just planted the same variety of hostas in my garden. How long ago did you plant those? They are absolutely beautiful!

  13. Mulch is magic, isn't it? And your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    The only good thing (for you) about your daughter's relocation is that you'll have a good excuse to visit So Cal.

  14. Yours was the first one I clicked on today. Always like anything gardening. I love mulch, such instant rewards! Beautiful setting.


  15. Hey Pam, you "GO GURL",lots of hard work, but it sure is payin' off, your landscape is beeeaUtiful!
    Hope and pray for daughter's new adventure in life too be safe and always have "FUN"!
    Lazy on Loblolly

  16. Everything looks so wonderful!!!

    And congratulations to your daughter! :)

  17. The second favorite thing to painting is gardening. Your gardens look good already. It's a lot of work but good for the soul and great to look at.

  18. Congratulations to your daughter! What kind of work does she do? I love Hollywood!! The yard looks so good. We put down fresh pine straw this weekend & everything looks so good. Of course we didn't finish either.

  19. Pam I love your hosta.. we are putting out about he same amount of mulch .. I feel ya girl.. I love the look but hate spreading it.


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