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Monday, June 20, 2011

Adding A Little Something...

My basement patio is one of my favorite places to sit and listen to the birds sing. The patio is much cooler than the deck above it, especially in the morning and early afternoon. I've been wanting to add a drop cloth curtain just to give a little more privacy between the neighbors on our north side, especially when I go outside and sit when I'm still in my pj's . 
C'mon, I know y'all do the same thing!

The only thing I had to purchase for this project was a 6' x 9' drop cloth, which was less than $12. I had everything else... a dowel, bronze spray paint, clip on curtain rings and jute twine. After spray painting the clips (they were black) and the rod, Mr. Fanatic attached the rod to the underside of the deck with a u shaped nail.

Then, he folded over the drop cloth so it wouldn't drag on the ground

I braided some of the twine for a tie back. Mr. F. attached a hook to the brick.

Drop cloth curtains have got to be the easiest project there is! There isn't any sewing because the edges are already sewn. I "made" drop cloth curtains for my youngest daughter's room and they look great! 

Here's a  bigger peek of my basement patio.
I still have even more to show you for this outdoor space. Hope you'll come back to see it!


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  1. LOVE IT Pam! Adding the drop cloth made it so much more cozy, your patio looks so pretty can't wait to see more! Martina

    PS- I sit on our deck in the morning in my pj's drinking my coffee so your not alone:)

  2. Love the curtain. Beautiful patio area, Pam!

  3. So much relaxed place... love to lie on your seat with a good novel and hot cup of coffee... isnt dreamy ...your curtain make the place more private and peaceful...
    Visit me when you can...

  4. i am loving that! great idea-i always feel like i have to slink and slither and sit on the floor in my sun room.

  5. Love what you did, I did the same thing only with sheers and Yes it does hide from the neighbors... I always go sit outside in my PJ's


  6. I wear my pajamas outside every morning to enjoy my coffee!This is a fabulous idea! Great job!
    have a pretty day!

  7. Great space! I love the cushion on your bench.

  8. The drop cloth drape really adds some softness to the space. Yes, I go out in my jammies, too on our deck since it is private.

  9. What a huge difference that made! I love the colors and outdoor decor. Simple but a big impact.

  10. Great way to hide from the neighbors! I am thinking of dropcloth curtains for the sunroom. I think it would be so fun to sleep out there!

    You area is so sweet!

  11. I love it! I guess I don't understand what a drop cloth curtain is? Is it just the fabric you use? I love how it makes the space more intimate! I like the affect and yes I do go out in the morning with my p.j.'s on and enjoy the birds while having my coffee!

  12. Looks like a cool place to hide. I love those colors and I have used some of them. Ginger :)

  13. Beautiful porch!A lovely intimate place. Loved those drop cloth curtains!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  14. Wow I so wish I had something like that but living in town in an apartment complex for now just dont get it. I sit in my jammies and if they dont like it they dont have to look!! LOL But oh how I would love a lil space like yours

  15. Okay, I'll try again, blogger is driving me nuts on this post. I tried yesterday to see this one now it's giving me service errors on comments. If you get the other one please delete this one. I love this look! With the twine and hanging light it is beautiful! You do such a good job with simple elegance, Pam. I cannot wait to see more!

  16. Love it, I'd never get out of my jammies if I had a private little space like that.

  17. What a cozy change you made. I would love to have a way to add drop cloth curtains to my patio but I have nothing up high to hang them on. You did a great job!

  18. Your patio does look inviting. Another great idea for a drop cloth.


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