Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birdcage Vignette

Hey everyone! Hope you had a terrific weekend! 
The last few days  have been really beautiful here in the Carolinas. It was nice to get a little break from the searing heat of weeks past! Unfortunately, the heat is coming back really soon :(
Finally put  the birdcage and the urn back up on the shelf above the foyer.
I showed you how I lightened up the birdcage a few weeks ago. You can see it HERE if you missed it.

I also painted the urn a lighter distressed color. You can see how I did it HERE.
Both of these projects cost me zip, zero, nada! Don't you just love that?

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

If you look really closely on the right front corner(left front as you look at it), you can see the top of the plug where there's and outlet behind the molding. Mr. Fanatic put that in today. There was already wiring there because he put some rope lighting behind the molding awhile back. Today he installed an outlet.
I'm thinking that outlet might come in handy for Christmas, don't you?

The only thing we had to buy for this project was the center part of the outlet, which only cost a few dollars. Gotta love that! 
I'm thinking that my "new" accessories are going to look great against the new paint... that is if I can ever decide on a paint color!




  1. It all looks great Pam! I love how you've added the lights to the birdcage. And I agree that you'll probably love that outlet there for other decorations too.

    Enjoy your good weather!

  2. That looks so nice, Pam. How sweet of your handy husband to add an outlet.

  3. Displays always look better when cords are discreetly hidden from sight. Your vignette looks wonderful in its rightful home on the foyer shelf!

  4. Looks nice. I love bird cages and have too many!

    Dropping by from Met Monday


  5. This looks wonderful, Pam. We had outlets put above the cabinets over the stove area of our kitchen. They definitely come in handy. I am still going to work on my birdcages..just haven't got around to it yet.

  6. very nice, I love bird cages. You have such a pretty blog.

  7. They all look so different! It's amazing. I'm not a crafty person.

  8. Love the lighter look! Your birdcage looks so pretty lit up. Great idea putting an outlet up there! Thanks for sharing.

  9. That looks wonderful Pam!!~ I love the lights in the birdcage great touch.

  10. Pam that looks so pretty, I bet it looks great at night! Martina


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