Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Butterflies Emerge!

Remember a few weeks ago I almost mistook these caterpillars for tomato worms? I'm so glad I found out they were black swallowtail butterflies before I did something drastic!  For days I watched over a dozen of them munch on the tops of my carrots growing in my garden. One day I went out to the garden to see them and they were gone. There was one chrysalis on a carrot branch, but that was the only one I saw.

Fast forward to a few days ago... I saw one butterfly on the deck, so I went out to the vegetable garden and checked the chrysalis, but it was empty. 
This guy was nearby drying his wings.

He stayed there about an hour and a half and flew away just as I came out to check on him.
Pretty cool!

Hope you have a great day!



  1. I almost did the same thing.. there where two on my parsley plants... they are beautiful...

  2. One year for Easter I got the girls a "Butterfly-hatching kit." It was so interesting to follow them through the process of becoming those beautiful creatures. They girls loved it and have asked for another this year.

    Green Acre Mimi

  3. Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous! So glad you got these pictures.

    Have a great day.

  4. I love your photos, great color. Yes I do love when the Butterflies are out, so many different colors. I have fennel and dill and they love munching on it. It's a sacrafice but it is worth seeing their beauty.
    Nature is wonderful tonight I counted 4 Fireflies or Lighteningbugs on this hot humid night. Thanks for sharing, Kathy

  5. Beautiful! I love what you did with your planter urns!

  6. How cool Pam! I love butterflies!


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