Monday, September 26, 2011

Bring Beauty Indoors

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the great conversation on Friday and all your great comments on watermarking. I've noticed some of you who didn't do this before have started watermarking your photos. Yay! I know it's an added step, but it's definitely worth doing.

As I was doing household chores today, I was wishing I had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers like this one that I brought home from Trader Joe's awhile back. I  love green and white even though it's fall. Maybe my craving for flowers was due to all the rain we've been having these past few days.
I can't always rush off to the TJ's to pick one of these up and sometimes I just don't want to spend the extra money. (For all of you Dave Ramsey fans, I'm a money nerd).

I do, however, love flowers and foliage around the house. Don't you? 

When I went out on the deck today I could smell our gardenia bushes were in full bloom again, so I grabbed my clippers and cut a bunch.

I bet you have something beautiful in your yard that you could bring indoors, as well.

Whenever you cut flowers to put in water, be sure to cut off the foliage below the water line.

Then just put in a pretty vase, pitcher or glass.

Gardenias are so fragrant!

Had to pick something with fall colors, so I picked a bunch of Marigolds I had out back.

I put both vases in my foyer to greet any guests that might stop by.

What do you have out in your yard that would look pretty in a vase in your home?

Hope you have something wonderful! 


ps: if you missed Friday's conversation, you can see it HERE


  1. Pam: Those marigolds are fabulous! I'm not usually a marigold fan, but LOVE those...what kind are they, do you know?
    As to my gardenias: well, we just put in two bushes in the spring, and they seem to have a lot of yellow leaves. The garden lady says this is natural and not to worry...but there is no way we will have flowers there this fall! Camellias look about to bloom..But, I did just plant three flats of snapdragons. I'm still amazed at how the planting seasons down here are SO different from the Hudson Valley!!!

  2. This was such a nice post! To be able to bring in fresh flowers from your own garden is just a blessing in itself!!! The gardenias and marigolds are just beautiful. I can almost smell the gardenias thru my computer...LOL!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I would love to have a garden than provided such lovely cut flowers! So beautiful, Pam. Your home must smell wonderful!

  4. I've never seen marigolds in those colors. Beautiful! They look so pretty with your gardenias. Well done!


  5. So pretty Pam! I pick a lot of stuff in our yard, no gardenias though and they are my favorite. In fact I carried them on our wedding day.

  6. Beautiful flowers, Pam! I love gardenias but I don't think they can take our winters here. Right now I just have some annuals blooming so I have to rely on the store bought flowers. Pretty vases, too!


  7. O my gosh Pam. This is gorgeous!! I love gardenias. We don't have them, but would love to.

    I just have some of the grass plums indoors, at the moment. I should take a little walk around the yard to see what I can see.

  8. Beautiful Pam! I had to cut back my biggest Gardenia bush this summer in the back for the pool project as it's right next to the pump now. So, it's not blooming again right now. The front ones are not re-blooming again either, I guess in sympathy. LOL! I love bringing in this flower in particular and do so often. It looks so pretty in your silver vase. I've never grown marigolds. Yours are gorgeous!

  9. I wish we had Trader Joe's here! I don't like to spend a lot of money on flowers either since they die. I LOVE Gardenias. Yours are so big!

  10. Love it ! It looks beautiful,Thanks for sharing your ideas,JoAnn

  11. Your gardenias are beautiful! We have a bush in our front yard that bloomed profusely the first year we moved in, bloomed less the next year and hasn't bloomed at all this year! (I guess it's tired of us . . .) How do you get such amazing blossoms?
    Also, I love the idea of a marigold bouquet! I never would have thought of that!

  12. You got that green and white bouquet after all. I love using what's on hand in my yard during the spring and summer months, but I'm a huge fan of the grocery store bouquet too. Fresh flowers are a must.

  13. Seeing your beautiful gardenias makes me homesick for NC. I wished we had smell-a-vision. I love the fragrance. We always had a bush of them growing in the front yard. That and Roses were about the only flowers my dear Mama grew. The smell of fresh gardenias is heavenly but don't touch the bloom or it won't be white anymore. Your marigolds are beautiful colors. Folks, it's not the marigold flowers that stink, it's their foliage. Marigolds are so easy to grow and there's no maintainance to them. Thanks for sharing your tablescape pictures with us.


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