Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Transition

 Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Lot's of little diy projects going on around here at Casa Fanatic.

I was able to start on a really fun project that I am downright giddy about.  I know, silly... but,  haven't you ever started working on a project that's been on your list for like, forever...and after the first 30 minutes of working on it, you love how well it's turning out? 

That's exactly how I felt working on it. I'll be working on this project for awhile because I need to take a trip out to Mary Jo's Fabric Store out in Gastonia, which is at least an hour away. I'm hoping to get there sometime this week. I can't wait to show it to you...

In the meantime, I worked on the table in our family room, as well...

 See how purty the table top looks? It was scratched up a bit, so I put a new coat of black, then a coat of poly on it. I love making things look new again with a little paint and elbow grease...another lesson learned from hgtv Design on a Dime.

 I think the last time I showed you the wall that the table is on, the artwork looked like this...

I painted over the artwork and it's in my Dining Room looking like this now...
You can see the tutorial HERE.

Here's what the same Family Room wall looks like now.
 Found the artwork at at HomeGoods for a great price and couldn't pass it up. I don't know about you, but I have an awful time finding artwork that I like and won't break the bank.

I also found a great new lamp at HomeGoods. Was hoping to find two so I could have matching lamps over by the sofa, but a single lamp looks pretty good on this table.

The burlap was just cut from a piece I already had in my cache of fabric.
I love this portfolio of photographs of our family and my dad. We took the photos last May when my oldest daughter and my dad were in town for our youngest daughter's high school graduation. 

This area is in transition since I am desperately trying to choose a greige paint color for the walls (lost count of the number of samples I've tested) and the number of photos of room ideas I've searched for.
Since the project I'm working on in the foyer a few feet over is the same color, this table, or at least the bottom part of it, will have to be painted a different color. Then, of course, the baskets under the table will have to be washed with a gray paint... 
One project always leads to another!

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  1. Pam, the black table is looking good as all your things do. The art work has that subtle grey that just looks full of mystery to me. Happy Sunday♥O

    p.s. I am almost in a stupor by our wood stove it is so cozy and thanks for explaining how they can connect through the duct system. Who knew?

  2. That looks fabulous Pam. Loving the sticks too in the urn..I was out picking up sticks yesterday. Nothing better than nature decorating. Love your new pic too.

  3. Love it Pam. I wish we lived closer! I need inspiration on painting projects! I'm not confident enough to paint on furniture like you do!
    Your new picture looks great! I could use a couple of baskets like yours under a table of mine! Now I have to find them!!

  4. Your table looks wonderful, Pam! I love the artwork and the new lamp! I'm really looking forward to seeing the project you are working on! I've had those same feeling once I've started on something!


  5. Pam I love that walls new look!! Your new painting looks great over the table. Martina

  6. Pam, your table looks great. Love the new art work and great lamp. I love looking at the lamps at Home Goods. Such great prices.

  7. You did a wonderful job on the table and the whole vignette is so pretty! Love the softness of the painting in contrast to the black table!

  8. What a lovely vignette. You have a great uncluttered style.

  9. Oooo Pam, I love the black table and I know Mary Jo's well!!! I have not been there in years, but when my mom was designing clothing, she went there frequently or would call up and have them send her something.

  10. Gorgeous vignette. That artwork is so pretty. It isn't in your face. I love the subtleness of it. I used Revere Pewter in my guest room. It is an awesome greige! I love it!

  11. I love the table and how you have everything arranged. Ya gotta love that Home Goods! Great prices for pretty lamps!

  12. I always have a hard time finding affordable art work too. It's so frustrating!

  13. Love your vignette on the table. So pretty and the lamp is gorgeous. Your painting and your family photos are just perfect here. Love it all. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. The black table looks great, like it has a hand rubbed finish. I also like the lamp on the table. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  15. Ouu! I worked on a project I've been wanting to do for some time and finished it too. I just posted about that recently. Mine was easy so I'm not sure why I put it off for so long. LOL! I can't wait to see what you are working on! After having seeing all of your other DIY's I know it's going to be excellent. Can't wait!

  16. Oh I love how your table and artwork looks in your family room. I am like you and love to "redo" something for less money. I always feel proud of it instead of going out and buying something new. I've painted over a painting before too! I didn't know anyone else had ever done that before. It's about the only way I can ever feel like a real artist, because I can't draw or paint an original picture to save my life! I felt like I saved something that I would've gotten rid of and actually improved the look of it at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting me too.

  17. Artichoke finial and the glass urn are to die for an outsider like me.

    TY for sharing and the tutorial, is much appreciated. I need some inspiration as I am redoing our bedroom §:-)

    Happy TTT.

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

    Join the Swedish giveaway till Sunday.

  18. Love your table! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love it! Isn't that the project does lead into another. Hope your Sunday is grand. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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