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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wreath and Front Door

Hope you all have been enjoying all the parties this week! It's been a lot of fun seeing all the fabulous decorations everyone has come up with.
I had a difficult time choosing what to do for my Christmas Wreath, so I used my Fall Wreath and added some burlap, greenery, a glittery star and of course, some burlap. I shopped the house for everything to create it.

 The weather was warm here today ~ 70 degrees....and this former Southern California girl is NOT complaining! 

I brought some poinsettias out for the photo because it was such a wonderful day. I used to fill the porch with them back in California and did the same the first Christmas we were in North Carolina. I found out the next morning after putting them outside that poinsettias do not like the cold! Lesson learned!

I might put up some lighted garlands a round the door and down our railing.

Hope you'll join me at the Blogger Block Party!



  1. The wreath is adorable Pam. I keep hearing that we are all shopping our houses-we are being good and frugal. Happy Christmas

  2. What a great idea Pam. Looks beautiful. This weather is crazy warm...I am not complaining either though.

  3. Cute wreath Pam, your front porch looks so pretty and festive! I love that shot you softened! Martina

  4. Very festive and pretty, Pam. I love your wreath!!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Beautiful entrance! Love your wreath-is that spanish moss? Enjoy your weather! I'm happy it was around 60 today-felt like spring!

  6. Your wreath is really cute, love it!! And your porch decor is really nice, poinsettas are gorgeous!

  7. Pam, I love your wreath, and your entrance looks wonderful!! I love the burlap ribbon. I have yet to find any around here, and haven't had time to go to Asheville. Thanks for stopping by and sharing WWII thoughts with me:-)

  8. Your wreath is darling - so simple and elegant :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh Pam! I just got caught up on your last 3 posts and think everything is so beautiful! What a great idea to repurpose your mossy fall wreath and dress it up for Christmas. Your mantel is gorgeous and all of your other decor too! :-) Thank you so much for sharing everything with us at the Blogger Block party~

  10. I heart this wreath! Following along.

  11. The combination of burlap, pinecones, and brown leaves looks so nice against your moss wreath. It's great that you could shop your house to find what you needed to make a pretty wreath.

    It's been warm here, too. I'm going to freeze when it gets cold by the weekend!

  12. I love your wreath Pam! Your door and entry are beautiful!

  13. Your entry way looks so pretty and festive! Love your wreath and that's great you could reuse it. XO, Pinky

  14. Great job Pam! I like the burlap accent. I bought a roll and still haven't used it! Yep poinsettias don't like the cold. Lots of people up here buy them and leave them in the car only to find out later that the shock of the cold causes them to go downhill real fast!

  15. I love your wreath with all of the burlap! It would be great if you would share this project at my Shabby Shares link party over at Rustic Crafts ~ http://rustic-crafts.com/?p=3603


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