Friday, January 27, 2012

Keep Organized With Baskets

I love using baskets for storage they are so functional and can add great texture to your interior decor.

I use baskets  in just about every room of our home. They are great for hiding stuff you don't want to see or corralling your stuff so you can find it.

The oldest set of baskets have been used for 20+ years.
This nesting set was originally brown, then painted blue for our daughters' nursery and now it's painted gold and it holds Qtips and cotton balls in my bathroom.  You can see that some of the gold has rubbed off and the previous blue finish shows through. Love that!

A square basket in our Breakfast Room keeps napkins handy.

A little basket next to the breakfast table keeps magazines and catalogs nearby.

Extra sets of keys are kept in a basket box by the door. I keep only one set of keys on the key rack and the rest go in here.

This heavy duty covered basket held my oldest daughter's books.

A larger basket holds more magazines and catalogs in the Family Room.

These cute baskets in the Laundry Room hold cleaning rags, stray socks and misc. stuff.

The linen closet in our Master Bath stays neat and tidy with the addition of these lined gray baskets

The latest additions to my basket collection are these three baskets

 The  three baskets add height to my vintage cabinet. I haven't decided what will be stored in them yet.

 I find almost all of my baskets at HomeGoods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx. You can't beat their prices. These lidded baskets were only $6.99.

 I am constantly looking for more baskets to keep me organized. My pantry and office could definitely use more of them.

Where do you use baskets in your home and where is your go to place to find them?



  1. I LOVE my baskets! My husband thinks I have too many.... but I think you can never have too many baskets! I must say! I spray paint everything ,but I would not have thought to spray paint a basket! Oh look out!

  2. Pam, this was a great post! I got so much inspiration just now!! I guess I'll be buying baskets this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I so need to organize my linen closet. Yours looks amazing. I need to use more baskets. Thanks for all the inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love to use baskets all around too Pam. I LOVE the stack of three in your first pic!

  5. Great ideas. I like the ones on the washer and dryer. I never thought to do that. Funny thing is I just sorted sox and have a bunch that need mates! I should try that method!
    I just got an email for 40% starting tomorrow at Michaels on all baskets.
    I'd like a big basket to set under my game table- it needs something there... I like the baskets on top of the new furniture piece too! It is a nice piece!

  6. Love all your baskets!!! I need to add more, I certainly agree they add texture and visual interest!

  7. Love your baskets and the great ideas. I have baskets everywhere also but do not always know what to put in them. I did spray paint a few baskets to match my bathroom. Turned at great.

  8. This post is absolutely amazing. You really have great baskets! My sister had this project when she was in high school where they made baskets out of old newspapers. It is really amazing because after the varnishing and some finishing touches, it really turned out so wonderful. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post.


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