Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Santa Brought And A Vintage Cabinet

I know, I know, January is almost halfway over and I'm just now sharing this with you.... 

Mr. Fanatic took a photo of me on Christmas with my new Canon T3i. You'd think that since I've been wanting one for so long that I would have opened it right away and started taking photos.

 Fact is...Today is the first day I took photos with my new camera.
Thought I'd show you something else I've been hiding:
Found this on Craigslist several months ago and it sat out in the garage on the trailer we brought it home on for a couple of months. Then, it made it all the way into the living room because the Christmas tree was on this wall during December. I originally thought it would look great in my office.

Hmmm, maybe we will go back to the Tobacco Barn and get this one for my office:

I love the turned legs...

and the scrollwork on the door is so pretty.

I plan on painting this piece, but will wait until after the Family Room is painted....gotta get on that!

The photos of the vintage cabinet were taken with my new camera, but on the auto mode. I'm hoping to read up on some tutorials on how to use it and if the sun comes out tomorrow...guess what I'll be doing?

Hope y'all are having a great day!



  1. Love that piece Pam! Can't wait to see what nwe life you bring to it. Great new camera...Have fun!

  2. I love both cabinets!! The color of the painted one is gorgeous! If you buy it will you leave it that color? I want a new fancy camera but at the same time I think it would be wasted on my because of how fancy it is & I still don't know how to correctly operate in any mode other on auto on my little point & shoot! HAHA!

  3. Love the detail on that piece. And can I tell you that you are looking amazing! You're so tiny!

  4. Congrats on the camera AND that gorgeous piece of furniture! What a find! :-)

  5. I know you will enjoy that camera!

    I love the cabinet. I have one piece from that was my mother's.

  6. Your cabinet is terribly similar to the barns. I almost would leave it as is it is in such good condition. I am thrilled you got the Rebel. I want one but until college is over for my kiddo I just do not see it in my future. I will enjoy your images immensely! hugs♥O

  7. That piece is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the magic you work with it! Yippeeee on your new camera! I have it and love it! There are lots of great tutorials out there. I really like this one at

    I am going to go through it again to fine tune! Good luck! If you have any questions, just ask!

  8. Wow that furniture piece is great! Looking forward to seeing what you do it! You'll love the new camera too!

  9. I love, love both of those cabinets!
    Congrats on the new camera! I'm sure you'll love taking pics with it. It's always hard to sit and take the time to get used to some new gadget. I'm terrible about it.
    Enjoy it!

  10. Love your cabinet. It is so pretty like it is. I think I would have a hard time putting paint on that. It looks nice. You have the same camera I do. You will love it once you move out of auto mode.

  11. What a gorgeous piece Pam! I'm with Kim I think it is stunning as is.

  12. The cabinet is beautiful as is, but as im sure uve figured out im a lover of painted furniture. I cant wait to see what u do with it....I really lucked out when i found my DR table, i got it with 5 chairs, buffet, and a cabinet similar to urs. Got it all for $500. I love me some Craigslist....thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what i did with the table and chairs. When i finish the kitchen , ile be posting the buffet, and the china cabinet....I look forward to visiting with u more. Ur newest follower, Bonnie

  13. I love the must be thrilled to finally have it in your house. It looks beautiful there! I love the other one, too!

    I just got the same camera and I haven't opened it yet either. I have to learn my Nook first or my hubs will be so disappointed. I am excited though and hope I get the hang of it quickly!


  14. Beautiful piece! Good luck with your new camera!

  15. I'm the odd man out! I love the cabinet but to me it's a sin to paint it. It looks like solid walnut which makes it even more rare. I think it's beautiful as is and wouldn't ever paint it, but that's me.
    Hope you love your new camera, I'm sure you will!

  16. Great new camera and such a cute picture of you. Your new cabinet is fabulous. What a wonderful piece. Hugs, Marty

  17. Oh I love that piece too! It's going to be even prettier then that other one once you've painted it, even though it looks very nice as it is. Congrats on your new camera. I am still trying to learn mine and I tell it's challenging for me. LOL! I just found out yesterday via Something Nice and Pretty about a blog online that is offering a photography course. I'll be trying to keep up with it as well. If you want to pop on by and check her out too, her blog is called It' Enjoy your new camera!


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