Sunday, March 11, 2012

Savannah Architecture

Yesterday I showed you  some wonderful tablescapes in two of my favorite shops in Savannah, Georgia. This historic Southern city is known for more than it's quaint little shops, though; it's also known for it's architecture.
Door on a mausoleum at St Bonaventure Cemetery

When you visit Savannah, you can't help but see some gorgeous architecture such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It is striking, even before you step inside the doors.

 The big doors as you enter have ornate Gothic style handles .

This is one of several side altars.

The main altar is striking.

Here's the view as you walk in from the back.

I would love to hear the organ play.

Had to throw in a photo of our youngest daughter. She looked so pretty sitting on the steps waiting for me to come out of an antique shop.

The Hamilton-Turner House on Lafayette Square is so pretty. I  wanted to stay at this bed and breakfast last year for our 25th wedding anniversary, but we were unable to get a reservation because we changed our plans so Mr. Fanatic could move our oldest daughter out to California last May. Maybe this year....hint, hint.

Savannah has 24 historic squares throughout the city. You can read about them here.

Another beautiful Savannah church.

Savannah's historic district isn't the only place filled with great architecture.
Bonaventure Cemetery nearby is filled with so much history and beautiful structures and sculpture.

Many of the private mausoleums have gorgeous copper doors.

There are also marble sculptures at many grave sites. This is a sculpture of the daughter of a famous innkeeper who died very young.

I think this was my favorite at Bonaventure. This monument was in a section of a very wealthy family. Their head stones included where they were born and where they died, which I found very interesting since they were well traveled

More mausoleums with gorgeous doors.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
 There's still so much more to tell you about Savannah, but will have to save it for another time.

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I'd love to visit!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Pam: We haven't been to Savannah for many in over twenty... and are hoping to go down the end of the month. I need a break badly! The only problem is that Charleston is also calling; and so are the beaches! Well, now that we live down here it's all possible!

  3. Great post Pam and gorgeous pictures! I would frame the ones of the mausoleums and those beautiful doors! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. So beautiful. It's definitely a place on my bucket list for some day. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love Bonaventure Cemetery and when we were last there I was not a blogger. Love your images.

  6. One of my favorite cities. :) Love your photos. Megan

  7. Wow Pam! I didn't know Savannah had such beautiful architecture like that! The church is fabulous and the cemetery is too. I love the monument you called out as your favorite too!
    Your daughter is so cute and so are her Mom and Dad! Cute picture! That's one for framing!!

  8. Gorgeous looking pictures. I'd love to visit there one day. My friend is from there and she goes back every year to see family.


  9. Oh this brings me back!! I loved seeing that cathedral and taking photos there. You guys look so great on the steps of that B & B! I'm glad you're getting to finally go and stay there! Great shots. We can't wait to go back!


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