Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

I love to DIY, in just about all areas of my life because
 1. I'm a control freak I like getting making something that's really expensive for a lot less or cheap and 
2. For the enjoyment of it.

A few months ago, I didn't even know you could make vanilla extract at home...until I stumbled on someone's photo on Pinterest. 
Yep, Pinterest is a source of great inspiration for me and sometimes I even make a few things from that inspiration!

I ordered some Madagascar vanilla beans on Amazon for $15.95 for 27 beans. A little expensive to make a single bottle of vanilla extract, but I plan to make more than one bottle to give away as gifts come Christmastime.

Here's what you need. Vodka or Bourbon, Vanilla Beans and a bottle. I found my bottle at Marshall's for $2.00, but you could use something you already have.

You need 1 vanilla bean per 1/3 cup vodka or bourbon. (That's 3 beans for each cup for those of you who have a difficult time with math.) (lol)
 Slice the beans lengthwise with a knife.

Make sure your container is clean and pour boiling water in it and over it.  Put the beans in the empty bottle and pour the vodka in to the top.
That's it.

Let the bottle sit for 6 weeks. When your bottle gets low, just fill it back up to the top with whatever alcohol you used and let it sit again. 
I guess I'm  Mr. Fanatic is going to be making lots of cookies this Christmas with all the Vanilla in that bottle!
The vintage cookie cutters were given to us from Mr. Fanatic's mom, but my mom had the same set!

I found the pretty label over at Lemons and Lima Beans. I altered the label in Paint, so it's a little different than the one on the website.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! What fun things do you have planned?


  1. That would be such a great gift! I love those cookie cutters. I've never seen any like them. I'm hoping to not work this weekend & to buy a new camera!

  2. Maybe you should mention to empty the water out of the bottle before adding beans and vodka, LOL. Great post will have to try it but I still have some double strenght Mexican Vanilla my daughter gave me. I put it in bottom of my coffee pot before I start brew.

  3. Great recipe Pam...I really love that label...have a great weekend!!

  4. What a super the labels. I have a few old cookie cutters like that as well. LOVE them!!

  5. I love this idea. I was just wondering what I would be giving my family this year for the holidays.. This is perfect!

  6. do I need to cork or put a stopper on the bottle as it sits or leave it open? Thanks!

  7. Anonymous, you can put a cork or stopper or cap on the bottle. My bottle came with an attached cap with a rubber flange.

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