Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Veggie Garden

I am so enjoying these cooler days, aren't you?
 We've had a couple of warm days, but the nights and mornings have cooled off to the point where you could wear long sleeves or a light jacket. My Fall veggie garden is all planted, except for another row of potatoes and I'm not sure if I'll get to planting those. 
The tomato plants are producing another round of good sized fruit and I've just harvested the first of the radishes I planted a few weeks ago.

The peppers are doing beautifully now. The sweet peppers didn't set at all while the weather was super hot. These hot peppers always had peppers growing on them, though. Not sure what I'm going to do with these since none of us like to eat them. I thought the seeds were yellow sweet peppers. Surprise!

They actually turn a pretty shade of red if they stay on the plant long enough.

The green peppers are about half way done.

I planted snap peas last month, as well and they are already starting to flower.

The marigolds did really well in the hot weather we had this summer. They have taken over the raised bed with the tomatoes and peppers. Look at all the buds that will be blooming soon. Now you know what to plant if you have hot summers!

The hot weather was really brutal on the lettuce I planted in the shade a couple of months ago. It didn't even grow large enough to harvest.

The romaine lettuce I planted about 3 weeks ago is finally doing well. Looks like this batch is going to make it. We had a little hot spell last week and some torrential rain last night, but fortunately I covered them with a wood frame with black screen. The little seedlings behind were just planted last week and are already coming up. Had I not covered them with a screen last night, they would have all been washed away in the downpour last night. See, I've learned a thing or two!

This particular kind of Romaine did really well in early Spring and it tasted great!
It's called "Cos" Romaine. It's crunchy and tasty, too.
I planted some broccoli plants, but am having a little trouble with those getting nibbled on in the middle of the night. Hope I get a few heads from the garden. I also planted carrots which are about 6 inches tall. 
A whole bunch of cucumber seeds came up in the compost pile, so I planted them. We'll see if they can produce any cucumbers before the first frost in November. It's a race against time.

Well, now you're up to date on the Fall veggie garden. Anyone else planting any veggies this Fall? If you're new to gardening, you can always plant some lettuce in a container. Lettuce is an easy cool season veggie and looks pretty as it grows.
I almost forgot that I will be planting some garlic in October! Better get some asap.

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Your garden still looks so good. Ours is all through except the peppers and okra are still going strong. A few tiny tomatoes are still growing. We aren't going to do a cool weather garden so I will just watch yours.

  2. Your garden is lovely. I know it an bring lots of satisfaction. Cooking with those wonderful veggies is wonderful. Happy Fall to you. Linda

  3. What a pretty garden. I don't think about gardens being pretty this time of the year. Around here almost everything is burned up and gone.

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I am so jealous of your beautiful garden...How wonderful it must be to be able to see "the fruits of your labor" .... Have a wonderful weekend!!...

  5. Hi Pam-
    I suppose you could just string up the peppers and hang them to dry. I'm not a big hot pepper person either but they are attractive to look at!
    I know lettuce is a cool weather crop so I'm sure they'll do better now. We can't plant anymore because we'll be having a frost pretty soon. Looks like you've done well with your vege garden this year!

  6. I'll definitely have to plant some marigolds!

  7. Every year around this time I kick myself for not planting tomatoes. Fresh ones are so yummy. Looks like you'll be having some nice salads in the days to come.


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