Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep Your Breakfast Room Pretty

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are having a great  day and are doing something creative. You know that being creative doesn't have to be painting or making something...it could just be doing something you haven't done before or improvising something you usually do. My mom used to say necessity is the mother of invention and inventing a new way of doing something is definitely creative. That's my thought for the day...now on to a little update.

First off, I wanted to give you an update on the hydrangeas I've been propagating.

As you might recall, I started a few cuttings back in June; you can see that post  HERE.I put four cuttings in our Breakfast window and hoped for the best. I used seltzer bottles (cut in half) to make little greenhouses. I tried to keep them watered, but you know how that goes, don't you?
Of course, I let two of them dry out and they died. That's why you always plant more than you need!
I'm happy to tell you that the cuttings have grown new leaves and are establishing roots...
I'm so excited!
I've read that you can make cuttings up until October and I might just go take a few more cuttings because I love hydrangeas, don't you?

I wanted to share a little find I'm thrilled with. Can't remember how much it cost, but you know it was cheap because I don't like to spend a lot of money. Found it at HomeGoods, of course. It's a simple painted cloth rug and of course, it's washable. Plus, the colors are my favorite...blue and green. This little addition adds a little more prettiness to the room.

It looks great in my Breakfast Room. And yes, I keep my table set like this all the time. I just re-set the table after dinner at night. It's simple things like this that help keep our Breakfast Room pretty.

I know you've seen this place setting before, but it's my favorite. Fall will be here before you know it and the table will be changing up very soon.

Couldn't wait for Fall and made some healthy pumpkin muffins that taste good  even though they don't have any sugar,  are low fat and made with whole wheat pastry flour. I'm so proud of myself because I created this recipe myself and y'all know that I don't cook much!
You'll have to wait for the recipe another time...Sorry about that! Will explain later.


  1. I love your new rug!!! Those are my colors! I may have to make a trip to HomeGoods now! I did nothing today but nap and have a three hour lunch with a friend after getting my baby off to school. Oh, how I missed her! Tomorrow starts the cleaning and organizing of the house! I wish you were here to help me organize!

  2. How great that those cuttings are making it! Will you be able to transplant them outdoors before winter? I wish I had a window that got light all day. Neat idea using the seltzer water bottles as little greenhouses!

    Love the painted rug...I wonder if our Homegoods has them!

    Have a great week! :)


  3. Pam, you have done well with the hydrangeas! I would have killed them a long time ago...lol! Love your rug! It looks beautiful with your decor; and the muffins look delicious!

  4. Wish I could come on over and join you for coffee and those yummy pumpkins! Your breakfast nook is so beautiful Pam and I just love how you've decorated it. :-)

  5. Oh I love your tablescape, such beautiful dishes. I love that mix of the blue and green. The muffins look amazing. wow. Can't wait for the recipe. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. I just love your breakfast room it's so inviting. I have never tried to start plants on my own, it does look fun. I look forward to seeing how you will change things up for the Fall.
    Have a great Wednesday :)

  7. Pam, I love the rug in the breakfast room...the colors are perfect and the pattern is so very happy!!...Goes so well with your beautiful table setting. I am going to try my hand at the cuttings....wish me luck...so glad yours are growing roots!!...:)

  8. Congrats on the hydrangeas! The table looks great and so does the new rug!

  9. Gorgeous! Can I have that rug? It is seriously beautiful and perfect for your space!

  10. your breakfast room if amaizing !!!!!!!
    Can i PLEASE ask u to follow my blog. I am dreaming of having more than 19 followers. I wold really appreciate it xxx


  11. Hi Pam! I love your rug and those fresh pretty colors. Your breakfast room is very pretty and your table setting looks lovely too! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Pam, I love the colors in that rug! And, your table looks beautiful! Maybe my table would stay free of clutter if I kept it set that beautifully all the time! Life to the full, Melissa

  13. Your breakfast room is absolutely beautiful!!! Love all of it - but your tray cart is too die :)
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time

  14. What a pretty breakfast room! I keep my dining room table set all the time too. I just became a new follower!

  15. That rug is awesome Pam. Love the fun colors too! Your breakfast room has evolved to be such a happy cozy space.

  16. Oh Pam, I think that is SO CLEVER about propagating hydrangea - had no idea it was that simple! And repurposing old bottles, well that's just awesome. They are doing SO WELL!

    Don't forget to feed them nutrients every 6 weeks. And they love a little watered down coffee or tea or grounds or wet leaves from there- they love the acid added to the soil.

    As for your new rug, it looks GREAT in your beautiful breakfast room.

    Thanks so much for visiting me today and for your sweet comments.

  17. Love the blue plates on your table. Can you share the name and/or maker of them? Thanks your entire breakfast area looks so lovely & relaxing

  18. I can't keep a hydrangea alive that I buy & you're growing them from clippings! sigh. The rug is really pretty!


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