Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Past

I know most of  you have already started your Christmas decorating and many of you have already finished...
I need to get busy!
Christmas is only 26 days away!!!
At least the  Fall decorations are put away and the house is clean and ready to be decorated for Christmas. (I know I will have to clean it up AFTER decorating, but I just couldn't decorate over and inch of dust. lol)
If all goes well, I'm hoping to get most of the Christmas decorating finished by the end of this weekend. 
 If I get some help.
 (hint hint, Mr. Fanatic and Daughter Fanatic)
Mr. Fanatic may be the handiest, hardworking, diying, husband anywhere (who also cooks and bakes), but Christmas decorating doesn't put him in the best of moods.
Will be bringing out some of the pretties from Christmases past...
stencilled burlap table runner...
...burlap stockings...
oops, I only made 3 last year and a our oldest daughter is flying home from California for Christmas!
Time to make one more...
Still haven't decided how to decorate the mantel...I'm hoping it will come to me.

 Need to collect a more branches from the backyard  for a few more rooms in the house...
Ah, my favorite space in the house to decorate...
The Breakfast Room...

Can't wait to put the wreaths up!
How are you doing with your Christmas decorating?
Are you finished or just getting started?
I hope I'm not the only one just getting started!


  1. Just getting started. I still have to get all the boxes down out of the attic. I hate that part. Your branches and wreaths are such great decorations. Simple and totally elegant. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the natural look of your decorations. Reminds me of a peaceful country Christmas.

    I have been reading about the stolen blog pictures. Such a shame. Because I need to use Google Reader to view the hundreds of blogs that I follow, I like it when at least one picture shows in the truncated feed because I have unintentionally skipped right over those that have none because a picture didn't catch my eye.

    I am finally posting some again so it feels good to see my favorites are still here! Have a great day, Pam!

  3. Pam, things are looking great over here! I am a little slow this year. The mantel and tree are finally done. Being out of town for Thanksgiving really slowed me down.

  4. I'm pretty much finished Pam, but we decided to do a real tree in our family room this year so we're going this weekend to cut one, so it will stay fresh until Christmas. Love how your hone looked last year, can't wait to see what you do this year!

  5. I'm getting there...most of the trees are up and almost all of the other decorations are up. I know what you mean about cleaning before and after decorating. Uggh! I'm still cleaning up. It was good to get the fall stuff down and packed away. For awhile there it looked liked a fall/Christmas bomb went off in my house!

  6. Will be starting this weekend. Will be a mess for a day or two and then all pretty :) Could you tell me where you got your dining room chairs? Love them! Looking for new one. Happy Decorating!

  7. I have most of the inside deocrated but I scaled it down a lot from previous years. I haven't done the outside yet either.

  8. Gwen, you are a "no reply blogger", so I couldn't email you back. The chairs came with a rectangular farmhouse table that we purchased 12 years ago at an outlet store in the Charlotte area.

  9. Still decorating away...just finished my mantel and posted...much, much more to do....Love your mantel and all of the beautiful decorations...Happy decorating Pam...and have a great weekend!

  10. Pam you had beautiful decor in the past. I loved that runner with the snowflakes.


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