Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cooking With Gas

I don't know why we didn't do this sooner because we have wanted a gas cooktop or stove since we moved into our first home back in June of 1990.
In that house there was a double oven stove with 

electric coils.

We made do.
When we built our current home, the builder we didn't want to pay for the upgrade to gas because no one cooked with gas in our area. 

So we "upgraded" to one of those new fangled flat top electric cooktops that were so popular when we bought our new house. 

Cooking on it was worse than electric coils.

I remember cooking rice for the first time on it as I always did, in a large frying pan.
What I found out is that nothing cooks in the pan that isn't directly above the burner. 
So we lived with it because you can't replace a perfectly good 
(and new) cooktop

So we waited 12 years and finally bought a gas cooktop last September. 
Installing it finally made it to the top of the project list.
Was excited even when the old cooktop was removed. 

See the junction box on the right side of the cabinet?
That box got in the way every time I put a frying pan away. 

Well, Mr. Fanatic fixed that problem and recessed the junction box and installed a gas line and a new outlet to power the igniter. 

Mr. F cooked venison tacos for the first meal cooked on our gas cooktop.
He was amazed at how awesome it was.
We both wondered why we had waited so long to change over to gas.

Isn't it purdy?

I look forward to many more meals cooked on it by Mr. F
 ; )

What project have you been waiting a long time to do?

PS: always install appliances according to the installation directions and hire a professional if you are not trained in installing gas appliances. Also, always follow your county's guidelines regarding permits. 


  1. Congratulations on your new gas cook top! You sound so happy and that is one great looking top! I never liked cooking on an electric stove either although my sister, who sold appliances for Whirlpool, swore by the flat top that you had. So glad you have what you want!


  2. Well that is a big change and it certainly looks fabulous, but I bet the food will be even better!

  3. Wow that looks so nice! I've only had a gas stove once, but I do remember how fast it was compared to electric. Your hubby did a great job! I waited 3 yrs. to get my bathroom repainted.

  4. She sure is purdy!
    We had a flat top electric stove in our first house too Pam, I thought it was the greatest thing until I cooked on it! This house thankfully has gas...I would never do electric again!

  5. Very nice! When we bought our house the gas Viking stove sold my hubs!

  6. Your kitchen is beautiful love the granite and the tile...glad you got the cooktop you wanted.


  7. So glad you're happy with it! It's beautiful! :) Things really do seem to cook faster with a gas stove. Good thing you have such a handy hubby. :)

  8. Oh it is fabulous. I would love to have gas, but like you say, can't replace something new. This looks amazing, great cooktop. Hugs, Marty

  9. It is awesome Pam! Congratulations to you...and your hubs:)

  10. We had a glass top electric in old house and it was awful!! They certainly look nice...but the way the pots skip around is terrible!
    But, we have an "old fashioned" electric burner counter top stove here in the new house (the only appliance we didn't have to replace) and I love it! Adore! Heats (and cools) quickly and efficiently and really is not a problem to clean. I've only had gas once, years ago, in our apt. in NYC!

  11. You are going to love it...I have a gas cooktop and do not know how I lived without it for so long...One day I would love to upgrade to a full gas stove/oven (Wolf) ...congrats and happy cooking!!

  12. It's gorgeous Pam! I've only ever had gas so I can't compare. Didn't realize electric would be such a problem. Glad you are loving it!

  13. Amazing, I like the idea of fixing the gas stove. Thanks for the details :)

    Cook Tops

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to ask you are induction based cook tops not good for cooking :)

  15. Hey Aly, I haven't ever used an induction cook top, so I can't answer your question. Anyone?

  16. So beautiful! May I know the name of the first pic cooktop?

    1. The new gas cooktop is a Whirlpool and the old smooth top is a GE. I don't know the model numbers because we just sold that house last week!


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