Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bring The Beauty In

I often go out to the garden and cut whatever looks interesting and bring it inside and put it in a vase. There aren't always flowers blooming in the yard, but there are a few in the Spring. 

Sitting outside yesterday looking out onto the woods I noticed how the leaves of the once little Japanese Maple on the edge of the patio were looking so red and vibrant. 

 Then I noticed the tree was looking a little overgrown and droopy. A few branches had grown and were drooping right over several of the nandina in front of it. 

Took me about a minute to go get some sheers to cut those vibrant red Japanese Maple branches.

Several of the  peonies had grown large too and some of the big heavy flowers were practically on the ground. 
I cut the droopy peonies and brought them inside and put them in a vase with some water with the branches.

They look perfect on the table in the Breakfast Room.

Think I'll go outside and cut a few blooms off one of the Knockout Rose bushes like my daughter did the other day.

What beauties do you have growing in your backyard that you could bring in?

wishing you a beautiful day



  1. Wow...they are gorgeous!!!....My knockout roses have just started blooming...hope the deer stay away from them....and the perennials are blooming too...I would love to have peonies,but afraid they are dessert for deer!...Hope you are having a great week!

  2. YOur peonies are stunning So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful Pan. I like the idea of using done branches like that. I only have tulips and daffodils right now that I could cut.

  4. Peonies are my favorite and yours are gorgeous!!~~Angela

  5. They are absolutely wonderful Pam.

  6. GORGEOUS!!! I love Peonies. I never think about cutting flowers & bringing them inside but I'm going to start. My Knock Out Roses look incredible right now.

  7. Just a beautiful arrangment and I love Peonies they are so beautiful. I think I am going to try them out in our new home. Are they easy to grow?


  8. Oh I just love peonies! In fact I bought some over the weekend at the farmer's market and my house smells wonderful. I've never clipped branches from my maple tree but now I'm inspired to do it Pam! :-)

  9. I was just wondering what to take to friends this evening as we went for drinks...snapdragons and peonies to the rescue! So wonderful to just go out and pick from the garden, I agree...

  10. Hey there!!! Those peonies are STUNNING!!!! Everything is finally starting to bloom here! Finally!!! I don't really have flowers yet as my thumb is pretty black and plants cringe when they see me coming, but oh how I would love to go out and just cut a few pretties!


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